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Choosing the right option is a big decision that will affect the rest of your life. Our retirement checklist covers some of the main points you should consider.

Retirement checklist

Knowing the basics

Can you answer yes to the following?

  • I know what I’m going to get from my State Pension.
  • I know I can afford to retire.
  • I know what type of pension I have and the benefits it includes.

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Understand your options

Can you answer yes to the following?

  • I understand the options that are available.
  • I understand the differences between these options.
  • I know which option suits my circumstances.
  • I know I will need to shop around to get the right deal.

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Calculate your retirement income

Can you answer yes to the following?

  • I have calculated how much income I could receive from each option.
  • I understand the impact of tax on my income.
  • I understand how long my money could last and what will happen to it when I die.

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Things to consider

Can you answer yes to the following?

  • I’ve read through the Government's Pension Wise website.
  • I understand the impact of taking my pension on debts and means-tested benefits.
  • I understand how I will be taxed in retirement.
  • I understand how the Money Purchase Annual Allowance will affect my future contributions to money purchase pensions (e.g. personal pensions) if I take a lump sum which doesn’t qualify as a ‘small pot’ or if I withdraw an income from flexi-access drawdown.

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Ready to choose?