Trace a lost policy

We can help you if you’re trying to trace a policy that you’ve lost the details for or have simply forgotten about, for example if you have moved house.

How to trace a policy

The first step to tracing a policy is to complete the relevant form(s) below, print and sign it, and then post it to us. It’s helpful if you can provide as much information as possible on the form. If it’s a joint policy, and you know the details of the joint policyholder, please let us know.

Scottish Widows Halifax financial services Clerical Medical

Print this form (PDF, 551KB) and send it to:

Scottish Widows Limited
PO Box 24171
69 Morrison Street

Print this form (PDF, 2MB) and send it to:

Halifax Financial Services
PO Box 24175
69 Morrison Street

Print this form (PDF, 507KB) and send it to:

Clerical Medical
PO Box 24165
69 Morrison Street

You can also call us.

However, if you call us without a policy number unfortunately we may not be able to help you instantly. Instead, we’ll ask that you write to us with the information required in the form along with a copy of identification such as a drivers licence or passport.

We take our responsibility to our policyholders seriously and these important checks are necessary to prevent fraud.

If we successfully trace a policy for you we’ll be able to send you information about your policy, including regular updates in future.

You can read more about our data privacy policy here.