Dealing with uncertainty

We’re committed to supporting you through times of uncertainty, from the rise in the cost of living, protecting yourself from fraud and understanding the impact of global events on long term savings. Here you’ll find the support and resources to help.

Managing financial pressure and planning for the future

With many people’s finances under pressure from the rising cost of living our experts share guidance and tips to help you manage uncertainty today whilst saving for your future.

How is the cost of living affecting future finances?

Can I access my pension early to help pay my bills?

Can I reduce my pension payments?

Get more expert answers to commonly asked questions in our expert sessions videos.


Scottish Widows 2022 retirement report

Our latest Retirement Report looks at the saving habits of the UK. Our report shows that as the rising cost of living continues to squeeze the nation’s finances, people are making difficult decisions about saving for retirement. Find out more and our top tips by watching the film or in our 2022 Retirement Report.

Retirement Report (PDF, 1.6MB)

Pension wellbeing guide

Our Pension Wellbeing guide is full of helpful and practical ways to help you plan for your future. From the pension basics to practical support to help make sure your plans are on track for the retirement you want.

Get started (PDF, 2MB)

Independent help and guidance

If you still can’t find the information you need, these free resources can help you take on your finances and plan for the future.

If you need further personalised help an independent financial adviser can provide advice tailored to your circumstances. There is usually a charge for this. Visit Unbiased to find an adviser in your area.


Supporting our most vulnerable customers

We're here to help and have a variety of online resources to support and guide you.

Understanding stock market fluctuations

It’s normal for the stock market to go up or down over the short term, especially during times of global uncertainty. Here we explain how it works and what it means longer term.


Worried about Stock Market Fluctuations?

What makes investment values rise and fall? We’ll explain what causes stock market volatility, and why you should take a long term view when it comes to your investments.

Stock market volatility

What is stockmarket volatility?

Our Investments Expert Maria explains what stock market volatility is, how it can affect your savings, and why it’s best to view your investments over the long term.

Update on our investments in Russia

Given the gravity of the situation in Ukraine, we’re making changes to our limited exposure to Russian stocks. Find out more about what this means for you and your investments.

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Investment essentials

Supporting you to understand investments and what can impact them. Our webpage is here to help with useful information and views from our experts.

Investment essentials

Protect yourself against fraud

It’s important to understand how to best protect yourself and your pension from fraud and scams. Find out what to look out for and what you can do.


Protect yourself from pension scams

Fraudsters may use times of uncertainty to trick people into a scam. Read our 6 signs of a pension scam to see what to look out for.

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Be aware of investment fraud

Times of uncertainty can lead people to look for new investments. Read our advice to ensure you are aware of the signs of investment fraud.

Investment fraud

Useful information

Managing your mental health

Managing your mental health during times of uncertainty is important. For the latest information and tips, our charity partner Mental Health UK can help.

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Coronavirus FAQs

We’ve answered some of the most commonly asked Pension, Life Insurance and Investment questions.

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