Let's call time on the #Genderpensiongap

The gender pension gap is the difference between the average female’s and male’s savings for retirement. In 2020 this is an average of £100k. There are lots of reasons for this and we’re campaigning for policy changes that would make a difference. We’re working to raise awareness of the issue and provide helpful guidance and support to make planning for retirement as straightforward as possible. Let’s call time on the Gender Pension Gap.

What does the Gender Pension Gap mean for you?

Our new Women and Retirement Report shares some eye opening stats on the gender pension gap and the impact Covid-19 is having on women’s finances. Read our real women’s stories and download our latest Report to find out what’s contributing to the gender pension gap.


Meet Serena

'Since Covid my hours have been cut to part time.'

Read Serena's story

Meet Fiona

'I haven’t been paying into a pension at the moment. I’ve just been focusing on making ends meet.'

Read Fiona's story

Meet Dee

'I’m trying to figure out how to get a pension being self-employed.'

Read Dee's story

Pension tips for women

Scottish Widows Retirement Expert, Jackie Leiper, shares her top 5 pension tips for women to help you plan during these uncertain times.

Read Jackie's tips

Key insights from our 2020 Women & Retirement Report

  • 59% of women are putting enough money aside for a comfortable retirement
  • But despite this progress, women are still saving £1,300 a year less than men, and face additional challenges in the face of the pandemic.
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What causes the gender pension gap?

The gap in finances between men and women is compounded by life events such as career breaks, maternity leave, working patterns and financial hardship. Today the average woman could face £100k less in her pension pot than her male counterpart. Find out more about what’s behind the pension gap and how we can help.


The Gender pension Gap, Is it real and how can you avoid it?

Watch our webinar with Scottish Widows Retirement Expert, Alison Nicolson and Anna Lane from the Wisdom Council to hear more about the gap in men’s and women’s pension savings.

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Gender pension gap Q&A

  • What is the gender pension gap?
  • Why do women have less pension savings than men?
  • What can be done to close the gap?
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Are you on track for retirement?

Try our Your Future Self tool to see what you have saved and if it's enough for the retirement you want.


Could you be facing the pension gap?

Knowing what you’ll have in retirement is a good place to start. Answer 4 simple savings questions to see what age you could retire, and get a glimpse of what you might look like.

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Real pension stories – life moments that matter

When you’re navigating decisions like taking a career break, reducing hours, going self-employed or getting divorced it’s worth knowing what that means for your pension in the future. Read our real women stories and watch the 2 minute expert films to find out more.

1. Career Breaks and Maternity leave - Read Kate’s story


Career break: Kate's story

'I worry about what I've done to my finance for the future by taking a break from work.'

Read Kate's story

Working part time?

I work part time, how does this affect my pension?

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Parental leave

What happens to my pension when I’m on parental leave?

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2. Working part time – Read Charlotte's story


Working part time

'When I went on maternity leave paying into my pension had to be put on hold.'

Read Charlotte's story

Working part time?

I work part time, how does this affect my pension?

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Company Pension

Am I making the most of my company pension?

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3. Self-employed - Read Davina’s story


Self employed

'I’m self-employed so I only pay what I can afford into my pension and have property to fall back on.'

Read Davina's story

Pension tips

Our pension expert shares his top 5 pension tips.

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Retirement calculators

Check out what your pension pot might look like in retirement.

4. Consider your pay - Read Nikola’s story


Consider your pay

'As a full-time parent and carer, my plate is full and my earning power is low, so I’m concerned about the future.'

Read Nikola's story

What is the state pension?

Do you know how much you could get?

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How old do I have to be?

When can I access the money in my pension pot?

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5. The impact of life events - Read Donna’s story


The impact of life events

'The financial impact of divorce means I’ll have to push my retirement back by about 10 years.'

Read Donna's story


What happens to my pension during a divorce?

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Divorce & pensions - Pensionwise

Visit Pensionwise where you can get more free and impartial guidance.

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Pension Wellbeing Guide

Our Pension Wellbeing Guide is full of helpful and practical ways to start taking on your future, regardless of where you are in life.

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What the bloggers have to say

We’ve been working in collaboration with Mother Pukka, NomiPalony, and Plutonium Sox. Read their blogs to find out what they think about saving for retirement.

Mother pukka – Shy about retiring

What’s the minimum you can pay into your pension? What sacrifices can you make to save more into your pension? We teamed up with Mother Pukka to answer some of her key pension questions around how women can save better for their future.

Find out more

Nomipalony - Do you know if your pension's on track?

@Nomipalomy talks about her own pension situation, the gender pension gap and saving for her future.

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Plutonium sox – Falling through the cracks – It's time to take control of your pension

Our report struck a chord with Natalie, who falls into the third of self-employed women who are saving nothing for retirement. In her blog, she looks at the financial reality many women are facing and how she’s taking control of her future again.

Take a look

How are we helping close the gender pension gap?

To help close the gender pension gap we are working with organisations across our industry as well as the education sector and the Government. We are committed to highlighting the issue, providing support and guidance and campaigning for pension reforms that could make it easier for women to save for retirement.

Working to improve the gender pension gap

"We need to help more women address the challenges they face when saving for the future. To achieve this, as well as highlighting the issue, an ambitious set of policy reforms are needed and we are calling for reforms to ensure more women than ever are able to enjoy a satisfying, well-earned retirement.”
Jackie Leiper, Workplace Savings Director, Scottish Widows.


Women and Retirement Event 2020

Our annual event is in its 16th year. We’re bringing together an influential audience of employers, industry and policy makers to discuss our research findings and how we can improve the savings landscape for women.


Helping deliver Money Pension UK's strategy

Jackie Leiper Workplace Savings Director, Scottish Widows has recently been announced as chair of Money Pensions UK’s Financial Wellbeing Challenge Group: Gender and Financial Wellbeing, helping take on the financial gap that exists between men and women.

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Insuring Women’s Future

Scottish Widows has supported the Insuring Women’s Futures initiative since 2018. Jackie Leiper chairs the Women’s Empowerment work stream working alongside other key industry figures to make a number of recommendations to help tackle the gender pension gap.

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Campaign for change

We believe reform and greater flexibility for pension products is key in supporting women and reducing the gender pension gap. Have a look at our recommendations.

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Helping you plan for the future

We have a range of expert tools, films and guidance to help you plan for the future. Take a look at our most recent campaigns.


Changing futures for Pensions Awareness Day

Watch our series of expert webinars covering a range of pensions and future planning topics from employer pensions, gender pension gap, to being self-employed.

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Expert sessions

Answering the most topical questions about pensions, investments and life insurance in our new ‘experts at home’ series. From how coronavirus could affect your financial future to how to spot a pension scam.

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Taking on your future together

Visit our retirement planning hub for more financial planning tools, guidance and support.