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If you think you’re not saving enough for your future you’re not alone. Our 2019 Women & Retirement report shows that, whilst women are making significant progress in this area it can still be hard to prioritise the future over the day-to-day. Many women continue to face very specific challenges which hinder them from saving for the long term, to help bring these to life we’ve asked some real women to share their challenges when trying to save for their future. Here are their stories.

Real pension stories


Working part time: Charlotte's story

Working part time allows Charlotte to spend time with her daughters, but it also means she can only contribute a small amount to her pension. Read her story to find out how working part time affects her pension.

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Self-employment: Davina's story

Davina is self-employed and saving into a private pension. She changes the amount she contributes each month to suit her budget. Find out how even a small increase can make a big difference.

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Separation: Donna's story

Life can change in a heartbeat. After her separation, Donna regrets not saving more for the future when she was able to. See how separation has impacted her pension and read Donna’s story.

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Career break: Kate's story

Kate took a break from working as a teacher to focus on being with her son. Now she is concerned about the impact this has had on her financial future. Read her story and find out what could happen to your pension when you go on maternity leave.

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Full time carer: Nikola's story

As a full-time carer for her two children, Nikola is facing day-to-day financial pressures which make it hard to save for the future. But did you know that there is no minimum amount you need to set up a pension? Even if you don’t earn anything having a plan in place can make a difference.

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Facebook live

Our retirement expert Alison Nicolson joins Mumsnet's Chloe Sweden and @NomiPalony to talk about what's causing the gender savings gap and to answer Mumsnet users most-asked questions #womenandretirement.

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Influencers’ Blogs

We’ve been working in collaboration with Mother Pukka, NomiPalony, and Plutonium Sox to answer their pension questions. Read their blogs to find out what they think about saving for retirement.

Mother pukka – Shy about retiring

What’s the minimum you can pay into your pension? What sacrifices can you make to save more into your pension? We teamed up with Mother Pukka to answer some of her key pension questions around how women can save better for their future.

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Nomipalony - Do you know if your pension's on track?

Our retirement expert Alison Nicolson joins Mumsnet's Chloe Sweden and @NomiPalony to talk about what's causing the gender savings gap and to answer Mumsnet users most-asked questions #womenandretirement.

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Plutonium sox – Falling through the cracks – It's time to take control of your pension

Our report struck a chord with Natalie, who falls into the third of self-employed women who are saving nothing for retirement. In her blog, she looks at the financial reality many women are facing and how she’s taking control of her future again.

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Getting started

Everything you need to know to help you get started


What kind of saver are you?

Savvy saver, mindflul planner? Knowing what kind of saver you are is a good place to start.

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Helping you plan

Maternity leave, reduced working hours and childcare costs can all impact your ability to save enough. See how you can plan around key life events.

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Pension wellbeing guide

Our Pension Wellbeing Guide is full of helpful and practical ways to start taking on your future, regardless of where you are in life.

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Planning for life’s key moments

While not just specific to women we know that career breaks, reduced hours, pay gaps and just living life is having an impact on pension savings. See what you can do in our short films.


What happens to my pension if I go on maternity leave?

Find out how time off for a baby or to look after a child could affect your pension.


What happens to my pensions if I work part time?

Your pension won’t be treated any differently but you may be saving less.


What happens to my pension during a divorce?

Pension savings can be forgotten about, but by law they need to be taken into account.


How can I save more?

Find out how the changes to workplace contributions could help you save more.

Planning for your future doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Our series of pension basic films start with the basics like ‘what is a pension?’, and ‘how much do you need to start?’.


helping women plan for the future

We’ve partnered with Mumsnet to discuss what’s on women’s minds when it comes to saving and tips on how to do it better.


Women and retirement report

Our industry leading report looks at what women are saving for retirement. See how you compare.

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33% of Mumsnetters are not aware that if their partner is working they can ask them to pay into their pension on their behalf while they are on parental leave.**


One quarter of women aged 20–29 aren’t saving for their retirement.

The challenges saving for retirement

Together with Mumsnet we take a look at the challenges women can face when they are saving for retirement and how you can be better prepared.

Pensions are a long-term investment. The retirement benefits you receive from your pension plan will depend on a number of factors including the value of your plan when you decide to take your benefits which isn’t guaranteed, and can go down as well as up. The value of your plan could fall below the amount(s) paid in.


*Scottish Widows Women and Retirement Report 2018


Taking on your future together

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