We recognise that you may have an immediate need to cash in some or all of your investment in a fund and may have questions about the impact of transaction costs on short-term fund performance.

If you are thinking of cashing in some or all of your investment in the short-term, we strongly recommend you seek independent financial advice.


Independent advice

Independent advice

If you’re unsure about how any of these changes may affect your investments, we recommend that you speak to an independent adviser. If you don’t have an adviser you can find one at unbiased. Remember a financial adviser may charge for any advice they give.

You can find free and impartial money guidance from the government at  or by calling free:

0800 138 7777

Monday to Friday from 8am to 6:30pm.



It’s difficult to avoid jargon in financial services, so you may have come across some unfamiliar expressions. We’ve explained them here.

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