Fund charges

Choose one of the options below to see the current Total Annual Fund Charges (TAFC) of a fund that you are invested in.

You can find out details of charges for Scottish Widows, Scottish Widows Investment Solutions (SWIS) and Clerical Medical funds.

Please note that the Total Annual Fund Charge for these funds may be subject to change. Further details are available at the foot of this page.

Scottish Widows funds

Details of charges for the Scottish Widows range of life and pension funds:

For Scottish Widows OEIC and ISA fund charges, please refer to the relevant Key Investor Information Document (KIID).

*Scottish Widows life funds are only available to existing customers who invested in a Scottish Widows Flexible Options Bond or other life product before July 2009.

SWIS and Clerical Medical funds

**Clerical Medical pension funds are only available to existing customers who invested in a Clerical Medical pension product before July 2009.

Online charges tool

Alternatively, you can use our online tool to see the current TAFCs for the Scottish Widows range of pension funds and the Scottish Widows Flexible Options Bond.

Click on the following links for an explanation of which types of units are applicable to which Pension Contract. Series 1 , (sometimes called the Original Series), Series 2, Series 3, Series 4.

What makes up my fund’s Total Annual Fund Charge?

The Total Annual Fund Charge of a fund is made up of:

  • a) the Scottish Widows Annual Management Charge,
  • b) if applicable, an External Fund Management Charge,
  • c) if applicable, a Multi-Manager Fund Management Charge, and
  • d) if applicable, an allowance for any Other Expenses less (for Life funds only)
  • e) if applicable, any allowances for tax relief for b), c) and d).

The Management Charges cover fund management, administration, marketing and the cost of sales, and also for c) the multi-manager selection service. Other Expenses include, for example, trustees’ fees, auditor’s fee and regulators’ fees. These Other Expenses can change on a regular basis.

If any of a) to e) above changes for a fund, the Total Annual Fund Charge for that fund will also change.

The TAFC for the Scottish Widows Flexible Options Bond includes 0.25% taken by cancellation of units with the remainder reflected in the value of each unit.

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