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Our industry leading reports have been keeping track of the nation’s attitudes towards saving for retirement since 2005. Take a look at our most recent reports now.


2019 Retirement Report: Adequate Savings Index

In this report we reflect on how people’s attitudes and circumstances have changed over the years and analyse how people feel now about saving for their long-term future.

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2019 Women & Retirement report

Our latest Women & Retirement report highlights the unique challenges women face as they plan for retirement, and proposes a range of policy recommendations designed to drive further progress over the next 15 years.

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Helping Britain Save for the Future

In Britain we're not saving enough to protect our financial futures. In this report, we set out a series of potential policy changes, which, if implemented as a package, could make a significant difference.

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Retirement Hub Report

Explore 15 years of retirement survey data.


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