Taking your money

There are some important choices to make if you're planning to retire soon.

Helping you on the path to retirement

Retirement basics covers:

  • The different types of pensions
  • Delaying your pension
  • State Pension and benefits
  • Tax and retirement
  • What happens to your pension if you die?
  • Workplace Pensions

Retirement basics

You can choose one or more of the following options:

  • A guaranteed income for life – an annuity
  • Flexible access drawdown
  • Take it as cash
  • Leave it for now – defer your pension

Your pension options

Our calculators help:

  • Calculate and compare your pension options
  • Find out how much tax you might have to pay

Retirement calculators

Consider these:

  • Know your pension
  • Shop around
  • Government guidance
  • Find an independent financial adviser
  • Avoid pension scams
  • Tax benefits from your existing pensions

Things to consider

Make sure you have read and understood all of the following sections:

  • Knowing the basics
  • Understand your options
  • Retirement income
  • Things to consider

Ready to choose?

Got a question?

If you need to ask us a question about pensions or retirement, then get in touch. There are lots of ways to contact us.

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Combine your pensions

Got more than one pension? Then you could think about putting them all in one place. Combining your pensions with Scottish Widows is simple and we won't charge you for this service.

Pension transfers

Find a financial adviser

An independent financial adviser (IFA) can recommend products for your personal situation. Use the unbiased.co.uk tool to help find one near you.

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