Approaching retirement

As you start thinking about retirement, it's time to look at your pensions and savings. Will you have enough for the future?

What should you be thinking about?

What you have already

If you’ve started to think about retirement then you should be looking at your pensions, investments and other savings.

Look at your retirement goals

Make sure you have enough money for your future and consider different ways to make it last.

What to do next

Making changes and plans now could have major benefits when it's time to retire.


Not sure where to start?

If you don’t know what to do about your retirement or pensions, we can help you by explaining the basics.

Retirement explained

We also have a handy brochure that guides you through what to think about and explains your options. You can download and print it if you prefer.

Approaching retirement (PDF, 2MB)

Your Scottish Widows pension

If you have a pension with Scottish Widows already and want to put more in, visit our Individual Pensions page for more information.

Find out more

Retirement calculators

Use our calculators to give an idea of how much you’ll need for retirement.

Retirement calculators

Combine your pensions

Got more than one pension? Then you could think about putting them all in one place. Combining your pensions with Scottish Widows is simple and we won't charge you for this service.

Pension transfers