I’m retiring soon

It’s good to plan for your future. Whether you’re years from retirement, nearing retirement or about to retire, it’s important to have all the information available to make the right decisions.

Watch our Pension Basics films

Now that you’re approaching retirement, it’s important to understand how you can access your pension, how much the state pension is and what happens if you want to keep on working.

How safe is my pension?

You work hard for your money so it’s important you know it’s protected should your employer go into administration or close down. Watch our film to find out more.

What do I need to do next?

It’s great knowing your retirement plans are on track but to ensure they stay that way you should review them regularly. Watch our film for more information.

Can I combine my pension pots?

Most of us will have several different jobs over our lifetime meaning we could have a number of different pension pots with different employers. Watch our film to learn more about combining your pensions.

Automatic Enrolment contributions increase April 2019

To help people save more for the future, the Government is increasing the minimum amount you and your employer jointly save into your workplace pension. Find out how it could affect you.

What is the Lifetime Allowance?

Would you know what the Lifetime Allowance is? This is the maximum amount that you can take from your pension pots without paying any tax charges. Our film explains the current limits and tax implications.

What is Salary Sacrifice?

Salary sacrifice is where you agree to exchange part of your gross salary, that’s your pay before it’s taxed, for a non-cash benefit. Find out how it could benefit you and your retirement planning.

Why has my pension fund fallen in value?

Your pension is generally a long term investment and over time will tend to rise and fall in value. Find out why in our short film.

If I carry on working, how does this affect my pension?

Taking your pension doesn’t mean you need to retire. If you want to continue working you can but there are some important things to consider.

How do I access my pension?

When you’ve spent years saving for your pension - it’s important to understand how to access it.

What are my pension options?

When taking your pension, there are a variety of options available to you. Our film explains the various ways you can access your pension.

What happens to the money left in my pension when I die?

It’s important to know what happens to the money you’ve saved after you’ve gone. This video explains the tax implications and how it’s paid to beneficiaries.

How can I spot a pension scam?

Unfortunately pension scams are on the rise. Our film helps you understand what they are and how you can spot them.

What is the State Pension?

What is the State Pension? How much money will you receive? How often will you receive it and when do you start receiving it? Our Pension Basics film can help.

What happens to my pension during a divorce?

When going through a divorce or dissolution, pension savings can be forgotten about, but by law they need to be taken into account.