Investment essentials

Helping you understand how your pension is invested.

The essentials

Whether you want to understand the basics of pension investments, to learn a bit more or want to keep up to date with the latest investment trends, we’re here to help with useful information and views from our experts.


Investment basics

If you’re new to the world of investing it’s good to start with the basics.


Responsible investment basics

Explore our approach to responsible investment and how it can benefit your pension investments.

Expert sessions

Our short films help answer your investment questions. From the impact of Covid-19 to how to you can invest your pension sustainably. Watch now to find out more.

Can I Invest My Pension Sustainably?

We’ve put sustainability at the heart of our investment approach with a bold target to halve the carbon footprint of all our investments by 2030 on our path to ‘net zero’ by 2050. Our Investment Specialist Maria explains more.

What is Environmental Impact Investing?

When investing to help the environment we take a 5 step approach to help protect the world and your investments. Find out more.

I’m worried about my investment value falling. What should I do?

If you’ve seen your pension and investments fall in value it can be tempting to sell your investments, but that could lock in your loss. Our Investment Expert Scott explains the options available to you.

What is Stock Market Volatility?

Our Investments Expert Maria explains what stock market volatility is, how it can affect your savings, and why it’s best to view your investments over the long term.

What is Ethical Investing?

Ethical investing is on the rise as more people than ever before are looking to invest their pension in a way that reflects their values and beliefs. Our Responsible Investment Expert Lauren explains what Ethical Investing is and our approach.

Why do we exclude companies from our investments?

Being a responsible investor means we aim to deliver good investment outcomes for our customers in a sustainable way. We screen out companies if they don’t meet our environmental, social and governance standards.

Our responsible investment approach

Find out more about our responsible investment approach as we aim to help your money grow.


Our Climate Change Approach

We’re targeting halving the carbon footprint of all of our investments by 2030 on our path to net zero by 2050 for the benefit of our customers and the environment.

Our approach

Responsible Investment

We’re committed to being a responsible investor on behalf of all of our customers.

Our Committment

Responsible Investment and Stewardship report

Our Responsible Investment and Stewardship report outlines our progress in delivering sustainable investments

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