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Television advertising brings our brand to life. It highlights our values and shows we're here to help people plan for their retirement by "taking on your future together".

In life, we tend to be focused on the now, sometimes at the expense of tomorrow. We want to present to our customers the benefits of having a retirement plan in place today. For peace of mind.

Scottish Widows on television

Taking on your future together

Watch our new adverts and explore some practical ways to help you take on your future.

Watch our new TV adverts

For People. For Plans. For 200 years.

From our launch in 1815, with the aim of providing funds for the widows of soldiers fighting in the Napoleonic Wars, until today our commitment has always remained the same, to help people plan for their financial future. The campaign celebrates that over 200 years later we’re proud to still be there for you.

Our new TV advert, features Amber Martinez as the Scottish Widow.


'Life feels better when you have a plan'

Our latest television advertisement features the Widow, Amber Martinez. It was directed and filmed by Damien and Leila de Blink a celebrated partnership who are known for their award winning and dynamic work.

The latest cloak was designed by Stevie Stewart, giving a fresh new look to the traditional icon. The advertisement portrays the advantages and benefits of having a plan in place for the future. It features a new, modern look for the 4th Scottish Widow.



Our Olympic television advertisement featured two 20 second films, elegantly integrating images of 3 changing gymnasts, Laura Hallett, Alex Jerrom and Tom Coull with those of the Scottish Widow, Hayley Hunt.



Featuring Hayley Hunt as the Scottish Widow. Shot in Iceland and directed by Sean de Sparanego it promotes Scottish Widows as being here to help you with your financial future and how important preparation is to help you realise your financial plans.


'Show of Confidence'

'Show of Confidence’ sees Amanda Lamb in her last TV ad for Scottish Widows. She walks through the backstage of a theatre silently encouraging the players. The message was all about inspiring confidence in customers and how we could help them with their financial planning.


'Brighter Future'

The Widow appears at a lighthouse on a stormy night which becomes calm. The message of this advert was that ‘Through turbulent times, Scottish Widows stands firm using strength, experience, investment expertise to guide you year after year’.


'In the black'

Scottish Widows is demutualised and becomes part of the Lloyds TSB. At this time, another TV advert was launched, introducing Scottish Widows as having a presence in the High Street. It featured the message that Scottish Widows will help you stay ‘in the black’.



Set in a traditional office this advert featured Amanda Lamb as the Widow. Named ‘The Boardroom’ it relayed the message that ‘our savings, pensions and investments are flexible enough for whatever life deals you’.



'The Lights’ TV advert showed the Widow walking through an elegant house, highlighting different artefacts which signified Scottish Widows strength, tradition, experience. And emphasises we have a long standing tradition, investing over £23 billion worldwide for the futures of millions of people by looking after amounts large and small.



Amanda Lamb becomes the new face of Scottish Widows and stars in ‘The Maze’ advert on TV. This advert spoke to those who found it difficult to find their way around the financial maze, offering experience and straightforward advice. ‘If you’re not sure what way to turn…we’ve been finding our way in the financial markets for 180 years’.


'Venture Out'

The ‘Venture Out’ advert airs on TV showing the Widow walking through an exclusive club. It promoted Scottish Widows’ position of ‘financial expertise in all climates’. The message was one of confidence.


'Birthday Party'

The ‘birthday party’ advert celebrated Scottish Widows’ 175th anniversary and introduced the line ‘Looking good for your money’. The advert emphasises the longevity and strength of the company. It was again directed by David Bailey and featured Deborah Moore.


'Looking Good'

In this first television advert to feature the Scottish Widow, we introduce the Widow as our public face. Shot and directed by David Bailey and featuring Deborah Moore, this advert raises the profile of Scottish Widows as a contemporary company for life assurance, pensions, investments and savings.