Responsible investment

We aim to offer customers sustainable fund choices and challenge companies we invest in to behave more sustainably and responsibly.

Scottish Widows has been helping people plan for their financial futures for over 200 years. We look after the retirement savings of millions of hard-working people and our role is to help them plan for their long-term financial prosperity. To do this, it's important we continue to use our scale and influence, along with our fund manager relationships, to challenge the companies we invest in on our customers' behalf to be the sustainable businesses of the future.


"Our founding mission was to help our customers face an uncertain future. In 1812, facing a long military campaign overseas and possible death on the battlefield, the brave men who fought in the Napoleonic Wars conceived of a general fund to secure provisions for the widows, sisters and daughters of those who failed to return.

Scottish Widows' mission today remains as true as it was in the 1800s. We believe that we are once again approaching a period of unprecedented uncertainty and change - but our role is, as before, to help our customers face this and help them plan financial futures.

Faced with today's climate emergency, we are taking action to mitigate these risks and help our customers save for retirement and thrive. We will help them to invest their money in a sustainable future - meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising future generations.

Together we can invest for a future worth living in."

Antonio Lorenzo

Chief Executive, Scottish Widows, and Group Director, Insurance & Wealth, Lloyds Banking Group

"Our role is to help keep our customers' money safe and help them plan for their financial futures. Large-scale challenges, like climate change, facing society today make our role even more important. We must deliver the best possible retirement outcomes for our customers, and our responsible investment approach looks to achieve this.

If we are to continue to deliver competitive returns for our customers, we must fully embrace responsible investment practices, which will allow us to manage risks and returns in a more effective way in the funds that we offer. As the industry's focus on responsible investment grows, so does our customers' interest in investing more sustainably. We are committed to empowering our customers to help them align their views and beliefs with how they invest their savings."

Maria Nazarova-Doyle

Head of Pension Investments, Scottish Widows.


Our Approach to Climate Change

Climate change is one of the biggest issues facing society today and has been recognised by numerous governments as a global emergency. It has far-reaching implications in all areas of our lives, including our savings and investments. There’s an urgent need to transition to a low-carbon future both for the prosperity of the UK and to help safeguard our customers’ investments and financial futures. Find out how we plan to take advantage of the opportunities the transition presents – as well as helpling to protect customers from the risks – as we outline our approach to decarbonising ALL our investment to net zero by 2050.

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The Just Way: The case for a Just Climate Transition

Our report, The Just Way: The case for a Just Climate Transition, examines how job creation, productivity enhancements, and reducing inequality are all possible in the transition to a low carbon economy. But without considering the challenges and risk to communities, workers and people, these opportunities may never be realised. We advocate for a ‘just transition’ that is as fair and inclusive as possible as the world decarbonises.

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Our approach to environmental impact and ethical investing

When it comes to having a direct positive impact on the planet or aligning moral values and beliefs, impact and ethical investing come into play. We explain how our approach to environmental impact and ethical investing could help you make a difference with your savings.

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Great minds don’t think alike: cognitive diversity in the boardroom

Our report outlines why we believe cognitive diversity on company boards is important to the long-term success of the businesses we invest in on behalf of customers, helping them make better decisions and drive growth

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Scottish Widows Responsible Investment and Stewardship Report

Our latest Responsible Investment and Stewardship Report outlines the progress we made in 2021 to deliver on our plans to benefit our customers’ investments and broader society.

Read the highlights (PDF, 574KB) Read the full report (PDF, 8MB) Read the 2020 report (PDF, 3MB)

Responsible investment framework

Information on how we have a key role to play in driving the shift to sustainable investment.

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A look at our stewardship activities.

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Reports and articles relating to responsible investment.

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Approach to responsible investing

Explore our approach to responsible investing.