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Women and Retirement Report 2018: The barriers to saving

Our 14th Women & Retirement report highlights that the current lack of flexibility in pensions is a barrier to saving and that introducing the ability to access funds for unexpected bills could provide a much needed boost to the nation’s savings.

This year’s report reveals that the number of women saving adequately for retirement is at its highest since our research began. The small but steady progress in the number of women saving enough for later life in recent years shows that, to some extent, the gender gap in later life savings is narrowing.

However, the report reveals a worrying trend emerging among younger generations. Women in their 20s are far less likely than men of the same age to be saving enough – or anything at all – for later life. Fear of financial hardship – which women of all ages are more likely to experience – is discouraging women from saving into pensions, leaving the most financially vulnerable at an even greater disadvantage.

In this report, we’ve examined these issues in more depth, and outlined our recommendations for how Government, pension providers, employers and individuals can work together to ensure more women are empowered to take ownership of their financial futures and look forward to retirement.

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Here are a few of the key findings: