One pension means just one set of charges to keep track of. The more you have in your pension pot, the lower our charge rate and you’ll never pay more than 1.1% for investing in our Governed Investment Strategies.

Our charges cover:

  • managing your investments
  • managing your account
  • all the admin
  • all trading costs.

We don’t charge for:

  • setting up your pension
  • transferring pensions to us
  • changing your investment choice
  • transferring to another provider.

We’ve broken the overall charges down into an investment charge and a service charge, so you always have a clear picture of the costs.

Investment charge

This covers the charges made by the investment managers who make the decisions about where your money is invested. It’s 0.1% of your pension pot value.

However, if you expect to take a guaranteed income for life in retirement this will gradually rise to 0.2% in the five years before you retire.

Service charge

This covers setting up and managing your pension. The charge ranges from 0.1% to 0.9% of your pension pot value, and decreases the more you have in it.

Total value of Retirement AccountService Charge
(per year)
FromTo less than
£1m and above0.10%

How it works

Our charges will automatically come out of your Retirement Account every month. For example, if you have a pension pot of £40,000 and you want to access it flexibly in retirement, then your overall charge rate is 0.5%. This means you’ll pay just £16.67 a month.

Transfer your pensions

One pension could save you the hassle and paperwork of managing many different plans and you only have to pay one set of charges. Compare your other pension plan charges with ours to see if transferring your pots is right for you.

Take your pension when you retire

With Retirement Account, you have the freedom to take your pension in a number of ways.


If you’re transferring £10,000 or more and know how to invest your pension pot, then you’re ready. Have to hand the details of the pensions you want to transfer.