One pension means just one set of charges to keep track of.

Competitive, clear and transparent charges

The more you have in your pension pot, the lower our charge rate. You’ll never pay more than 1.1% for investing in our Governed Investment Strategies. We’ve broken the overall charges down into two, so you always have a clear picture of the costs. These are:

  • a maximum investment charge of 0.2% a year, depending on how you take your pension when you retire
  • a service charge of 0.1–0.9% a year that decreases the more money you have in your pension pot.

Work out your charges

What’s the total value of the pensions you’re looking to transfer?

Yearly service charge
Yearly investment charge is between
Your total charge for the first year is between
Yearly service charge
Yearly investment charge is between
Your total charge for the first year is between

You can only transfer £10,000 or more

How it works

Our charges will automatically come out of your Retirement Account every month. For example, if you have a pension pot of £40,000 and you want to access it flexibly in retirement, then your overall charge rate is 0.5%. This means you’ll pay just £16.67 a month.

The calculator results are based on the pension pot value you put in, and on our current charge rates. We’ve assumed that:

  • the pension pot value stays the same (as it grows or decreases, your charges will change)
  • your investment choice is a Governed Investment Strategy. If you decide to invest in a different strategy – or funds – these charges will change
  • the service charge tier doesn’t change.

To get a more accurate view of what your charges could be – taking into account your contributions and growth over time – you can request a personalised illustration.

How do we calculate your charges?

Our charges cover:

  • managing your investments
  • managing your account
  • all the admin
  • all trading costs.

We don’t charge for:

  • setting up your pension
  • transferring pensions to us
  • changing your investment choice
  • transferring to another provider.

Take your pension when you retire

With Retirement Account, you have the freedom to take your pension in a number of ways.


If you’re transferring £10,000 or more and know how to invest your pension pot, then you’re ready. Have to hand the details of the pensions you want to transfer.