Manage your account

Whether you want to track the value of your pension, change your details or leave your pension to a loved one when you die, you can manage your account in any way that suits you.

What you can do

Manage your account

Once you apply for a Retirement Account you can keep track of it online or over the phone. We’ll also send you statements in the post.

We’ll let you know how to register online once you’ve set up your Retirement Account. You’ll be able to:

  • see the value of your pension
  • view all transactions and investments
  • request annual statements
  • change your details.

You can also manage your account over the phone.

What we will send you

Every year, we’ll send you a statement in the post. This shows all contributions for the year, tax relief and the value of your pension pot. You can also access this information through our online portal.

Leave your pension to a loved one

Retirement Account allows you to pass on the value of your pension to a loved one when you die, as a lump sum or an income.

What happens when you die

If you die before you are 75, these benefits are normally tax-free. If you die on or after age 75, your benefits are taxable.

It’s important to keep us up to date with who you want to leave your pension to, otherwise known as a beneficiary. We’ll send you a form so you can nominate a beneficiary and, if you want to make changes, we can send you a new one. Remember to update your will too.

Our dedicated team are ready to help with any questions you have.

If you die in an accident

If your Retirement Account has been up and running for less than five years and you die in an accident, your beneficiaries will get whichever is greater:

  • 120% of your total payments (this includes employer contributions and Government top ups)
  • the value of your plan.

If you’ve held a Retirement Account for more than five years, your beneficiaries will get the value of your plan.

This is only valid – in both cases – if you hadn’t already accessed your pension.

What happens to my pension fund when I die?

Take a look at how Retirement Account supports you and your loved ones.


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