Member Engagement

We understand the importance of engaging members with their workplace pension and know it’s an important way of helping them plan for their future and achieve the retirement they want. Our communications have been researched with members to ensure we have the most relevant messaging with the deep understanding of the people we’re talking to. The key findings were that members want messaging that’s personalised to them, jargon-free and easy to understand.

Standard engagement plans

We recognise the importance of engagement in achieving good outcomes for members. We may insist on a minimum level of engagement with members.

Bespoke engagement plans

We’ve created communications to suit every type of member and we work closely with employers to ensure we’re talking to members correctly. From posters and pull-up banners for office-based workers, to digital communications and video content for remote workers, our innovative communications approach ensures we are talking to each member in the most appropriate and effective way.

Digital engagement

Members will have access to a Workplace Savings infosite – an educational website which informs and promotes the benefits of joining the workplace pension and includes a selection of tools, videos, and helpful information. It can be linked to a company website and accessed without a password.

Our Workplace Savings infosite provides a number of helpful features including:

  • interactive booklets including Member and Investment Guides
  • video information provided across different categories of saver
  • information on the benefits of workplace pensions.

Scottish Widows websites

We know it can be difficult to understand how changes in the industry will impact you and your members. Our comprehensive and dedicated websites for advisers and employers cut through the jargon, explaining the changes and what they mean in simple terms. We’re recognised as a go-to organisation in the industry when looking for in-depth analysis, insight and interpretation of changes in the market. Our research and popular annual reports are published on our website.

Members can also access useful guidance and information, as they go through different life stages on their retirement planning journey, through our dedicated Scottish Widows consumer website. The website provides helpful hints and tips for those members just starting their retirement journey, as well as guidance on how to build their retirement savings, access to interactive case studies and tools to help members understand the options available at retirement.

Presentation Team

We want to ensure that members understand the value of their workplace pension and that it’s a significant benefit. Our specialist Presentation Team can provide support as well as education and guidance on the importance of saving for retirement. This can be delivered in a range of ways, including presentations, workshops, ‘at retirement’ seminars, podcasts and WebEx presentations.

We understand that every company is different so we work closely with employers and advisers to ensure that presentations are tailored to meet members’ needs. By agreeing key performance indicators and using attendee feedback forms we can continually refine and improve the content.

Member Journey

Learn more about our member journey.

View member guide

Our member guide can provide you with more information.