Member engagement

We understand the importance of engaging members with their workplace pension and know it’s an important way of helping them plan for their future and achieve the retirement they want. Our Master Trust offers innovative engagement support to help members take on their future with confidence. Our tailored communications have been built on the foundation of Behavioural Economics, ensuring positive reinforcement and subtle nudges are woven throughout, to encourage members to take small steps in their journey to retirement, no matter how far off it may seem.

Maximising engagement using a multi-channel approach

At Scottish Widows we are continually looking at how best we can engage members to look at their retirement planning and make sure it’s on track to deliver the kind of retirement they want.

We use a multi-channel approach, designed to maximise member engagement.


Pensions Awareness Tour

We’ve been running our tour since 2015 and last year we covered 2,500 miles across the UK. More than 7,000 workers attended our tour and our team answered 1,000’s of questions along the way.


Meet Your Future Self

Our Meet Your Future Self experience lets members see how they’re shaping up for retirement as well as what effect changing how much they are contributing will have on their retirement.



We’ve a range of presentations that cover a broad range of content including pensions in general, pre-retirement planning workshops and ‘bite-size’ presentations, lasting 15-20 minutes.


Tailored campaigns

We’ve created communications to suit every type of member. From posters and pull-up banners for office-based workers, to digital communications and video content for remote workers.

Over the coming months we’ll continue to build on how we enagage with members through enhancements such as personalised welcome videos and video statements.

Digital experience

We’re continuing to develop our proposition, including transforming our digital capability to make it easier for employers and members to manage their pensions and plan for the future.

We know it can be difficult to understand what the impact of changes in the industry will have. Our comprehensive and dedicated websites for advisers and employers cut through the jargon, explaining the changes and what they mean in simple terms. We’re recognised as a go-to organisation in the industry when looking for in-depth analysis, insight and interpretation of changes in the market.

Members have access to an educational website which informs and promotes the benefits of joining the Master Trust and includes a selection of tools, videos, and helpful information. It can be linked to a company website and accessed without a password and provides a number of helpful features including:

  • interactive booklets including Member and Investment Guides
  • video information provided across different categories of saver
  • information on the benefits of workplace pensions.

Member Journey

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