It's time to take stock

First things first, let's see what you have now. Look at your pensions and other savings.

Check what you have with Scottish Widows

You can see how much you have with us:

  • On letters we send you telling you about your pension with us.
  • On your latest Scottish Widows Annual Benefit Statement.
  • On your Money4Life secure site.


Do you have other pensions elsewhere?

You might have pensions and other savings elsewhere. We can’t help you see these but think about them when you’re retirement planning.

How to check on your other pensions

Many of us have more than one pension. We can collect a new one with every new job.

To find out what you have, talk to the pension company or your previous employer.

If you can't remember these details, use the government's free pension tracing service to find every pension you've ever had.

Pension tracing service

Look at your other savings

You might have an ISA or other savings. If you don’t need these savings for a specific thing like a new car or a rainy day, could this money help you in retirement?

Think about combining pensions

Think about combining pensions

You could save yourself the hassle of having different pensions. Plus, you might save on charges and have more retirement options. Find out more about combining pensions.


See what all your savings could mean to you.

See your possible future