Leave your pension for the future

If you want to take your pension later on, you can still make changes to it. You can think about paying in more, if you can. You can also change how your pension is invested. Before you do, find out how your pension invests now and how investing works.

Here’s what you can do now

You can do something to make yourself feel more at ease with your pension. You can think about paying more in. You can see if you want to change how your pension invests.

Think about putting more in

Increase how much you’re saving for the future.

Boost your pension

See how your pension invests

See where your savings invest. Is this the right fit for you?

Figure out investing

Don't forget, we're here to help

If you have a Scottish Widows pension, you have our full support.

You can get free guidance, where we’ll explain to you what you have and what choices you can make.

Get in touch.

Or we can help you find a financial adviser. Advisers will normally charge for advice.