Pension transfers

Employers tell us one of the most common pension questions they get asked is ‘can I bring my old pension pots into my workplace pension?’. We have a free Digital Pension Transfer Service that can help your employees decide whether they should consolidate other pension pots into their current Workplace Pension. It doesn’t offer or need advice and the decision to transfer is ultimately up to the employee.


Scottish Widows' Retirement Expert, Robert Cochran, discusses how you can combine your pension pots.

The online service can support your employees by:

  • helping them understand whether they are eligible to use the service
  • educating and informing them on the features and benefits that their previous pension arrangements may have
  • equipping them with tools to engage with their previous pension providers so that they are confident they ask the right questions and understand the answers
  • helping them to make an informed decision about whether transferring is the right thing for them to do and, if they decide to go ahead, allowing them to complete the process with clear declarations and a printable summary.

For employees who do wish to consider bringing their pension pots together, you won’t need to do anything. Scottish Widows has a dedicated team who will manage the process directly with the employee (at no charge to you or your employees).

Employees who have a Scottish Widows Workplace Pension policy number beginning with 'ZU' can transfer other pensions into that policy by calling us on 0800 032 1260 Monday-Friday 8am-5.30pm or by emailing us to request an application form. If they'd like to transfer their 'ZU' policy into their Scottish Widows Workplace Pension policy, they can do so by completing the online application.

If you have any employees who are interested in finding out more they can visit our Digital Pension Transfer Service webpage.

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