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Corporate Pensions – Scheme Services for Advisers and Employers

Our online scheme services give you greater flexibility, choice and control

All the processes are broken down into simple steps with full on screen instructions, so even beginners should find them very straightforward to use. If you would like to see a demo of our online services please ask your Adviser or contact your Scottish Widows account manager.

Find out more about:

Online security

We take your internet security very seriously, and use advanced encryption technology to ensure your information is kept secure at all times. We are part of Lloyds Banking Group, and benefit from their huge experience in online banking.


Online support

Your dedicated Scottish Widows servicing team offers full online support. If you have problems your team’s phone number is prominently displayed on every screen. They will explain exactly what to do and can even take over and complete the session for you, during your phone call.


Online scheme set up and bulk transfers

Whether you’re starting a new scheme, or restructuring or replacing an old one, our online services help to simplify the process.

  • Speedy and accurate scheme set up – no manual inputting of data means we can set up your scheme electronically using bulk extracts from your payroll. If your records are paper based we will create an electronic spreadsheet in the software of your choice eg Excel, Lotus etc. This can be keyed manually and then used for electronic processing over the internet.
  • Split scheme processing – if you operate different worksites or employee bands we can segment your scheme, and allow restricted access to different records types for different scheme/payroll administrators. And we can process scheme transactions from a single spreadsheet or any number of separate ones.
  • Member communications – We can provide all documentation electronically, including templates for member letters and forms.


Online payments

The file we create when setting up your scheme can be reused each month to make your online payments. If the records are unchanged, payments can be processed in under a minute using a simple 3-step process. Our online system will automatically flag up any changes in your current file and list them on screen, so your administrator can decide what to do:

  • Payment holidays - these members will be flagged on our system and excluded from your current payment run.
  • Leavers – these members will be flagged on our system and we’ll automatically post a leavers pack to their home address.
  • Joiners – these members can either be ‘joined’ online (this takes up to 3 minutes a person) and included in your current payment run, or omitted and done later at a time to suit you. If you have lots of joiners at once, you may prefer to submit their details in a spreadsheet. You can do this using an online service called SWIFT (Scottish Widows Internet File Transfer) rather than the online payments service.


Online payment histories

You can instantly view, print or download full details about all the payments made to your scheme via your payroll. (For data protection reasons we exclude payments made from other people’s bank accounts.)

You can also control and filter the amount of detail you want in the report:

  • Whole scheme
  • Sections of the scheme
  • Different payment arrangements
  • Individual members
  • Breakdown of specific date and months


Online scheme reports

You can also order ‘Full scheme reports’ and ‘Joiner and leaver reports’ online, which will normally be ready for you to download within minutes. We email you when the report is ready so you don’t have to wait online. You can also control and filter the amount of detail in the full scheme report to cover member profiles, average payments, investment profiles and age groups.