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Welcome to our open finance world

Graeme Bold, Workplace Pensions Director

November 2023

Our new partnership with Moneyhub will put members in control of their money and support their financial wellbeing.

Take a look in the Pension Mirror

Robert Cochran, Retirement Specialist

November 2023

An ‘overnight’ pension engagement sensation built on 10 years of experience, the Scottish Widows pension mirror blends AI, innovation – and a bit of fun.


Let’s make retirement better for women

Jill Henderson, Head of Workplace Business Development

November 2023

Scottish Widows 2023 Women and Retirement Report highlights that many women face stark challenges when saving for retirement. Why – and what’s the answer?


Membership survey gives us valuable insights

Sharon Bellingham - Master Trust and IGC Lead

November 2023

The 2023 Scottish Widows Master Trust annual membership survey highlights the challenges many face when it comes to planning and saving for retirement, but there are reasons to be optimistic.



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