Advice: is it right for you?

Before you decide to transfer, you might need advice or guidance. We explain the difference between these and how you can tell which is right for you.

What is guidance?

When you read our website or call our Customer HelpPoint team, you’ll get what’s known as guidance.

This means we’ll answer any questions you might have about pension transfers, so you can make an informed choice. But this isn't the same thing as advice, as we won’t recommend what you should do next.

What is independent financial advice?

This is a type of advice you’d get from an adviser who doesn’t work for one pension provider. Because they’re independent, they’ll talk to you about pensions and investments with providers which they think will suit you.

This’ll be based on how your finances look today, and your plans for tomorrow. They’ll normally charge you for their advice.

If you don’t already have an adviser, you can find one at unbiased.co.uk