Help & support

If you have questions about pension transfers, here’s where you can find help.

You can call us on 0345 608 0380 for help. We’re here to help you with every step of the pension transfer process. So if there’s something you don’t understand, phone us for a full explanation.

Lines are open Monday – Friday 9am-6pm.

Because we’re all part of the same Lloyds Banking Group, we can make the process faster and easier for you. Please check your annual statement and have your policy number to hand.

Scottish Widows policies:

  • If you purchased your policy from Scottish Widows 0345 716 6777
  • If you purchased your policy from a Lloyds Bank branch 0345 300 4455

Other policies:

To find out whether you can or should transfer to us, you need to know some details about the pension you want to move. Send our handy letter to the provider to get the answers you need. Or, you can call them and talk through the contents.

Letter to your provider

If you don’t always have access to a computer or the internet, you can download our booklet. Print it out to read it or pass to a friend who can’t get online.

Or, just store it on your computer, phone or tablet.

Combine your pensions booklet

We also think it's a good idea to look at the free impartial guidance from these government websites:

The Money Advice Service

Pensions Advisory Service

You could have a forgotten pension, which could make a difference to your retirement planning. Now is a good time to find out the details. You’ll tie up some important loose ends and be able to make some positive decisions about your future.

If you can remember who the pension provider is, try giving them a call to see if they can help. Or, if it’s an old company pension, try calling your old employer for your plan’s details. If these options don’t work, try contacting the Pension Tracing Service who may be able to help. They may charge for this.

Once you’ve located these plans, make sure you stay in control. Why not combine them. It will be easier to check that things are on track and to change them if they are not.


Can you combine your pension pots together?

Merging your pension pots can make managing your pension much easier but you may lose access to certain benefits if you do so.

The Pension Tracing Service

Call 0345 6002 537

To use our online service you need to be comfortable making your financial decisions, without financial advice. If you’re not sure about this, it’s good idea to talk to a Financial Adviser. Please note, you’ll need to pay for this.

How Scottish Widows Advisers can help you

We have our own team of experienced financial advisers who can work directly with you. They can only make recommendations from Scottish Widows, but they are the experts in choosing the best options for you from us. They will first find out about you. Then they will have a careful look at your policies and plans and review your choices. They can give you a tailored recommendation for what you should do next

For advice from a Scottish Widows Financial Adviser, call 0345 767 8910. One of our consultants will assess your requirements and set up an appointment with one of our advisers.

Key facts about Scottish Widows Advisers and Charges PDF

Seek Independent Financial Advice

An independent financial adviser can offer you services and products from all providers.

Find an independent Financial Adviser (IFA) in your area

How to get an illustration

There are two types of illustration. One is 'personal'. It will include your details, to give you a more accurate picture of what your plan might do for you. The other is 'generic', which does not. For this reason, we highly recommend you get a personal one.

A personal illustration will take account of:

  • How much you have in the plan
  • How long it will be invested
  • How your actual charges could affect you
  • The fund or funds it invests in.

To get a personal illustration for the pension you want to transfer, get in touch with the provider.

To get a personal illustration for a Scottish Widows plan, you can call us on 0345 608 0378. We’ll need to know the transfer value of your other plan before we can give you one of these.

If you're new to Scottish Widows, or if you have a plan that isn't a Retirement Account or a Workplace pension, you will need to set up a Retirement Account to make a transfer to us.

We'll give you a personal illustration, which you can review before you commit to this.

If you want to get an idea of how our plans might perform, you can download our generic illustrations:

Make sure you compare like for like

  • Make sure that the illustration for the plan you might transfer uses the same retirement date as your Scottish Widows illustration. You don't have to retire at this date. It just means that, if they are not the same, you won’t be able to compare like for like.
  • Check the assumptions are the same. For example, do both illustrations assume that you will no longer be paying in?

It is important to remember the figures on the illustration are not guaranteed.