Are you ready?

Before you transfer, we want to check that you’ve read enough about combining pensions to know it’s the right choice for you.


Before you apply, you need to check:

What you’ll be giving up

  • You’ve looked at your existing pensions’ details
  • You know you’ll be giving up any benefits and features when you transfer
  • You understand what this means for you.

Read about benefits and features

You can transfer your pensions to us

  • You know you’re the right age and you’re UK-based
  • You want to transfer your whole pension
  • You’ve checked we can accept your pensions.
  • You’ve confirmed your employer, or someone else other than you, isn’t paying into it.

Read about eligibility

How much you’ll pay for our pension

  • You’ve looked at how much you currently pay
  • You’ve compared this to our charges
  • You think our pension offers you good value.

Read about charges

This information is not the same thing as advice.
Read more about advice and find out which type might be right for you.


  • We’ll get in touch with your other providers and ask them to transfer your pensions to us. We’ll keep in touch while this is happening to let you know how it’s going.

    If your other provider uses the same transfer service as us, it usually takes about six weeks. If not, we’ll let you know so you can ask your other providers for a manual transfer form. This process can take longer.

  • You can transfer most pensions to us online, but not all. Common reasons we can’t accept a pension include:

    • It has benefits which may be valuable. If you transfer, you’d give these up
    • It’s with an overseas provider
    • You only want to transfer part of your pension
    • You’ve taken an income or tax free lump sum from your pension​

    • It’s a final salary pension
    • An employer is currently paying into your pension
    • It’s subject to a bankruptcy order, pension earmarking or sharing order, or other receiving orders​
    • It has been, or will be, set up using ‘disqualifying’ pension credits from a pension sharing order.​

    For more about pensions we can accept, read our guide.