Graeme Bold's blog

Hear from our Workplace Pensions Director.

Why we need to talk about money

November 2023

Talk Money Week this November wants to get everyone talking and do one thing to improve their finances.

Why we need National Pension Tracing Day

October 2023

Graeme shares his thoughts on supporting the National Pension Tracing Day campaign to help people hunt down their lost pensions.

Pensions Awareness: It pays to know

September 2023

Hear Graeme’s thoughts on this year’s Pension Engagement season.

Let's tackle the small pension pots problem

August 2023

Read Graeme’s latest blog where he discusses the recent regulatory response to the problem of the UK’s deferred small pension pots.

Are pensions dashboards worth the wait?

May 2023

Pensions dashboards aim to revolutionise pensions engagement by creating a digital home to view your pensions savings in one place.

What have we learned from the rising cost of living?

April 2023

Graeme Bold reflects on the challenges posed by rising living costs in a post-pandemic world.



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