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A guide to being a member of Scottish Widows Master Trust

To help you understand more about your pension and how your Trustees are helping to look after your retirement savings:

Watch Craig Prendergast, Human Resources at ABB, explain more about the move to the Scottish Widows Master Trust and what the changes mean for you and your pension in the Announcing changes to your workplace pension film.

We’ve also recorded an Introduction to the Scottish Widows Master Trust presentation. During the presentation, you’ll hear what your new pension offers you and how this could help you save for the future. 

To help you get set up online, view and manage your retirement savings, we have also created this handy new joiner guide (PDF, 3MB). 

RetireWell Webinar Series

RetireWell Webinar Series

Join the Scottish Widows pension experts for a programme of live webinars and get the chance to ask them anything about your workplace pension.

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keep track of your pension online



Our Scottish Widows app allows you to keep track of your pension value, contributions and investments. You can also nominate beneficiaries, consolidate other pensions, switch investments and access financial wellbeing support.

All you need to register is your National Insurance number and your pension number. If you don’t have your pension number, you can use your postcode. Scottish Widows makes other features available to users. Find out more below. 

Learn about our Scottish Widows app

Consider combining your pensions and trace old pensions

People can build up multiple pension pots over their working life and often lose track of where all their pension savings are held. The Government’s pension tracing service can help you track down previous pensions. It might help give your pension savings a boost.  

It’s worth considering if combining your pensions is right for you, as it could make your retirement savings easier to manage. You can combine your pension savings through the Scottish Widows App.

When you start the transfer process, we'll ask you to provide some personal details. You can read about how the trustees manage this information in Data privacy notice (PDF, 3MB). 

Get started

Your account is ready for you

You can log in to your account to keep track of and manage your pension. This will let you see how much you’ve got saved, manage your investments and keep your personal details up to date. ​

We've sent you log in details as part of your welcome pack. Need help to log in? (PDF, 52KB)

You can also nominate a beneficiary through your account and on the Scottish Widows App. This will tell us who you’d like your pension savings to go to should you die. It’s important to keep these details up to date, as we know your plans can change. Read our A Guide to Pension Tax (PDF, 3MB) to find out more about the tax implications on your pension savings when you die. 

Log in to your account



The experts at the pensions and Lifetime Savings Association have published a set of retirement living standards. This can help you picture your retirement and what it might cost. They pitch them at three levels (minimum, moderate and comfortable) based on a basket of goods and services, from food and drink to holidays.

Helping you prepare for retirement

Whether you’re close to retirement or it’s still a long way off, you need to plan for the kind of lifestyle you want when you retire. There are various ways you can select how to use your pension benefits to help you achieve this.


Pension Planning

Pension Options

Planning tools

Taking your pension

As you approach retirement, there’s a lot to think about. In our library, you’ll find a series of guides which will help you decide how you’d like to take your pension.


Read our pension guides

Take contol of your finances and be money well

Take contol of your finances and be money well

The rising cost of living is putting finances under pressure. Our Be Money Well site has lessons and tools to help you learn how to take control of your finances.

Be Money Well

Government's Mid-Life MOT Resources

Government's Mid-Life MOT Resources

Visit the government’s Midlife MOT website for trusted services, tools and charity resources to help you think about work, health and money with future planning in mind.

Mid-life MOT Opens third party site in a new tab


  • How does a workplace pension work?


    Watch our short video to find out more about your workplace pension.

  • When should I take my pension benefits?


    Our Retirement Expert Nina gives you an overview of what your retirement options are and when you can begin accessing your savings. 

    What is a state pension?


    Visit the Government’s website to see what your state pension forecast is.

    Our Retirement Expert Alison explains what the state pension is and how to claim this.

  • How can I spot a pension scam?

    How can I spot a pension scam?

    Scams can take many forms, especially for those recently retired or approaching retirement. There's no need for alarm - if you learn the basics of how to identify them, it'll get easier to avoid them.

    There are things you can look out for to help you spot a scam, and ways you can protect yourself.

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We will then ask you some security questions, so we can check who you are.

We want you to get the best service, so we may record your call for training purposes.

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