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We recommend saving a minimum of 15% of income into your pension each month for a comfortable retirement.*

*Scottish Widows Retirement Report 2023.

Should you combine your pension pots?

If you have various pension pots with different providers, you might want to consider combining your pension pots into one place. This could make it easier for you to manage your pension pot and keep an eye on how it's performing. Pension transfers require careful consideration as there are a number of things you need to understand before deciding if it’s right for you. We don’t offer financial advice as part of this process and we won’t compare pension charges for you, so you’ll be responsible for making sure that transferring is in your best interest.


More information on combining pots


If you only save the minimum into your pension it could mean less retirement benefits than you expect in retirement. Increasing your payments by only a small amount could make a big difference.

What happens if I'm made redundant?

Watch our short film on redundancy to understand more about the impact on your pension.

How can I spot a pension scam?

Unfortunately scammers use situations like the coronavirus pandemic to take advantage of people and undertake fraudulent activity. Watch our Pension Expert Andre explain the warning signs of a pension scam in our film.