Is your pension building a better future?

Pensions have the power to help build a more sustainable future as well as growing people’s savings. At Scottish Widows, our responsible investment approach aims to benefit our pension customers, the planet and society. We aim to prioritise investing in companies that are working hard on things like reducing their impact on the environment and improving people’s wellbeing, whilst excluding those that are causing severe harm to the planet or people.

Is your pension building a better future?

The way we invest on behalf of our customers can have a significant role to play in building a sustainable future worth living in. If you want to understand more about your pension, ask these 3 questions.


Is your pension helping tackle climate change?

We consider the impact of climate change on our investments.


Is your pension excluding companies that are harming the planet and people?

We engage with companies to drive positive change and exclude those we believe present too much investment risk.

Is your pension investing in companies that are making a difference?

We direct investment to companies we believe are making a difference on environmental, social and operational factors.

What we are doing

We’re taking on a sustainable future together

We believe we all have a part to play in building a sustainable future. Watch our short film to see how we’re focused on doing the right thing for both our customers and the planet.

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What is responsible investing?

Responsible investment is at the heart of what we do. It is about investing your money as a force for good to create sustainable social, environmental, and economic value while aiming to achieve robust growth for you over the longer term.

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Can I invest responsibly?

Climate change is one of the biggest issues facing society today.That is why our target is to half the carbon footprint of our investments by 2030 and completely reduce this to net zero by 2050.

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Hear from our experts

As one of the UK’s largest pension providers we're committed to doing the right things for our customers and the planet. Our experts answer some of the most commonly asked questions about responsible investing, watch our short films.

What is ethical investing?

Investments specialist Lauren Peacock discusses ‘What is ethical investing?’ and what action Scottish Widows is taking to ensure the companies we invest in meet our ethical criteria.

How could climate change impact my pension investments?

Head of responsible investments Maria Nazarova-Doyle explores how climate change can impact your pension savings and investments and what we are doing to protect our 6 million customers.

What is environmental impact investing?

Responsible investments specialist Steven Porter discusses 5 key themes to help drive positive environmental change whilst providing a financial return.

Hear from our customers

We’ve seen that people are increasingly supportive of sustainability-related issues, we wanted to know more so carried out research to understand people’s views on a wide range of responsible investing themes.

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Our customers are clear that we should adapt and improve our investment strategy but only where it is beneficial for returns.


Our customers have told us that they think that it's our job to make sure our investment strategy is up to date.


56% agree that it's more important to avoid companies that are causing harm than invest in those doing good.

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Our new TV advert features our Scottish Widow alongside one of our customers. Her presence prompts the important question “Is my pension building a better future?”.

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