Why transfer to us?

Combining your pension pot makes it easier for you to plan for your retirement. To help you, we’ve done everything we can to make the transfer process easy too.

It could save you money

If you’re transferring old plans into one of our workplace pensions you may find that it has lower charges. This may be because your employer has agreed for the pension to offer lower charges. Ask your employer or check your policy documents for details.

If you’re transferring old plans into our Retirement Account, the more you have in it, the lower your charges could be. Check the Retirement Account charging structure to see if this might be good news for you.

When it comes to charges, we believe we are very competitively priced. Compare your other pension plan's charges with ours to see if we are right.

It makes life easier

One pension saves you the hassle and paperwork of managing many different plans. You have one central contact and one place to see how your retirement planning is going.

Award-winning service

We have over 200 years’ experience helping customers reach their goals. We also have a string of industry awards to prove this, including:

  • Company of the Year - Financial Adviser Service Awards 2017
  • Pension Provider of the Year - Pensions Age Award 2017
  • Best UK Corporate Pension Provider 2016 - 2016 M&A Awards

But, of course, what matters most to us is you.

We’re here to help

As of October 2017, we’ve already helped over 14,000 customers transfer pensions using this direct service. We've made the process as straightforward as possible. We help you understand whether you can and should transfer to us. If it's right for you, we help you follow the steps to make it happen. For anything you don't understand, we can help you with that too.

Support for every step, on the phone

We’ve done our best to make our online process easy to follow. But we also know that there are things about pension transfers you might not understand. That’s why we have experts who can explain what you need to do and what decisions you need to make. This service is free, but we can’t offer you financial advice or recommendations. Call them today on 0345 608 0380.

Flexibility for the future

If you transfer your pension to Scottish Widows, it will either be into a workplace pension or a Retirement Account. With our Retirement Account, once you reach 55, you have flexible choices on how you can take your money from your pension. Alternatively, you can still choose a guaranteed income for life.

Can my plans be transferred?

Look at the plans you have and whether we can combine them.

Need some help?

You can call us on 0345 608 0380, or visit our 'Get help' page

Get help

Retirement ABC

You don’t have to be an expert. Find everything you need to know.

Retirement Basics

Find out if a plan can move

Use our handy letter to send or talk through with the plan’s provider to see if it can be transferred.

Letter to your provider