Transfer now

First, let’s check that you’re ready to combine your pensions.

I have a Scottish Widows pension

If you have a Workplace Pension or Retirement Account, it's easy to transfer your other pensions to us online. If you have another type of pension, you'll need to set up a Retirement Account.

A Workplace Pension is one set up by your current or past employer.

Check if you’re eligible to combine

I don’t have a Scottish Widows pension

Set up a Retirement Account, a flexible pension for life that you can transfer your pensions into.

Learn about Retirement Account

If you're not sure if you have a pension with us,
call 0345 608 0380 from Monday-Friday 9am-6pm.


Find out if you’re suitable and are transferring the right kind of pensions. If you want to continue, this information will form part of your contract with us.

I’m eligible

I understand what transferring online means

  • I’ve compared the pensions I want to transfer with my Scottish Widows pension
  • I’ve read 'Can I do it?' and 'Is it right for me?'
  • It’s my decision to do this online
  • This service doesn’t include financial advice.

I’m transferring suitable pensions

I understand what will happen once the transfer starts

  • Scottish Widows won’t charge me to transfer. But my previous provider may take a fee (known as an ‘exit penalty’)
  • Money from the plan I transfer will go into the same investment option(s) as my Scottish Widows pension. I can change this at any time. To review my investment options I can look at my annual statement or policy document
  • Once the transfer is complete, my previous pensions won’t exist anymore.

I have the right to change my mind

  • If I change my mind about transferring my pension, I’ll tell Scottish Widows within 30 days of receiving my confirmation documents in the post. Scottish Widows will have to return my pensions to my previous providers
  • I understand that my previous providers don’t have to accept my pensions back and I may have to set up a new policy.

If you’re transferring a Lloyds Banking Group pension

  • The value of my plan is taken from the date I submit (or confirm) the transfer request
  • I understand that if my pension has protected tax-free cash and (or) a protected retirement age, I will lose these features. Scottish Widows will get in touch with me to confirm I want to go ahead and will not process the transfer until I do.

If you used a financial adviser to set up your Retirement Account

  • My Retirement Account doesn’t use self-invested options
  • They might get an ongoing adviser charge. I understand that if I transfer more money into my Retirement Account, this may increase how much I pay. I should talk to my adviser about this.

I have my details ready

I have to hand the policy number of the Scottish Widows pension I want to transfer the others into, as well as my National Insurance number. And for each pension I want to transfer, I have:

  • The policy number
  • The pension provider's name
  • The scheme name (if it's a workplace pension)
  • The transfer value.

What type of pension do you have with us?

A Workplace Pension

Also known as a Group Personal Pension or Group Stakeholder Pension, your employer set up this pension.

Transfer into your Workplace Pension

A Retirement Account

This is a personal pension that was set up by you or someone else.

Transfer into your Retirement Account

Another type of pension

If you have a different pension with us, you can set up a Retirement Account that you can transfer your pensions into.

Learn about Retirement Account