Combining your pensions - made easy

Every day, people combine their pensions with us. They trust us with their savings and to help them plan for the future and their retirement.

These days, it’s normal to have more than one workplace pension because of moving from job to job. You may also have a personal pension. We’ll provide lots of information to help you decide if you want to combine some or all of your pensions.

And don’t worry if you don’t already have a pension with Scottish Widows. If you have at least £10,000 across your pensions, you can combine them into a Retirement Account with us.

We’re here to help you, every step of the way.

Did you know?

With most people changing jobs several times in their life, it's not surprising some pensions get lost along the way.

In October 2022 the Pensions Policy Institute estimated that there were 2.8 million lost pension pots in the UK, worth £26.6 billion, meaning the average lost pension could be worth an average of £9,470.

Why combine my pensions?

In our busy lives, it can be easy to lose track of your different pensions. There’s lots of information to keep on top of.

So, combining pensions could make life simpler as:

  • It’ll be easier for you to manage
  • You could benefit from lower charges
  • You’ll be able to use our online services to track your pension and see how your retirement is shaping up.

Key things to consider

Key things to consider

Not all pensions can or should be transferred. Before you apply to transfer your pensions to us, you’ll need to check if it's right for you. Ask yourself – what benefits, guarantees and features do I have? How valuable are they to me? You’d give these up when you transfer.

Don’t worry, we’ll explain what these are as you go through the journey so you can make an informed decision on whether combining your pensions is right for you.

If you’re still unsure then we recommend you speak to a financial adviser.  If you don’t have one, you can find a financial adviser at An adviser will normally charge for advice.

Get ready to combine pensions

Get ready to combine pensions

For each pension you’d like to transfer into a Scottish Widows Retirement Account, you’ll need:

  • Your National Insurance number. If you can’t remember it, you can find your NI number at the Government website
  • Name of your pension provider
  • Member or pension policy number
  • Pension scheme name, if it was set up by a previous employer
  • Recent transfer value. Your provider should give you this.

You’ll find these details in your annual benefit statement or schedule. If you don’t have these, you might need to speak to your provider.

Ready to find out more?

Ready to find out more?

Start the transfer journey