Access Keys

Key Information Documents

The Key Information Documents (KIDs) provide a summary of the key information relating to individual products and funds, including the costs and risks. They have a standard format so it’s easier to compare different products and funds and they’ll be updated regularly. Each KID shows the date it was created, and the latest version can always be accessed from this page.

The KIDs are for use by customers from 1 January 2018. Customers investing before 1 January 2018 should refer to the relevant Key Features Document.


If you want to invest in a product for the first time, add to an existing investment or move money between funds you need to:

  • read the latest version of the KID for the product and fund you’re considering investing in
  • confirm you have a printed copy of the KID, or saved an electronic version of the document
  • read the latest version of the Additional Information Document
  • send us your instruction and cheque (where applicable)

If at a later date, you want to add to an investment you hold with us or move between funds, we’ll need you to confirm that you’ve seen the most up to date version of the KID. We won’t be able to process a cheque or instruction without that confirmation.

Key Information Documents