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The Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA) recommends that an individual will need a minimum of £10,900 per year in their retirement to cover basic needs. For a moderate standard of living this increases to at least £20,800 per year. And for a comfortable standard of living with greater financial flexibility, the recommendation is at least £33,600 per year. Using our interactive tools can help you to see what you're currently on track to receive in retirement, and how much you could need based on your lifestyle and plans.


Is my pension on track? Is it enough?

How do I find out how much is in my pension?

How much should I save for retirement?

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Want to see if you are on track for the retirement you want? Try our helpful tools

Retirement calculators

Retirement calculators

See what your pension can mean in pounds and pence. Our calculators can help you explore your pension options and show how a small increase now could make a big difference to your retirement.

Meet your future self

Answer Four short questions to see when you could retire and what you could look like when you get there.

Meet your future self

Your questions answered

Your questions answered

We've gathered together the most commonly asked questions when it comes to checking what you've got saved for your retirement.

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Check you're on track

Watch our film for the top tips from our pension experts on how to check you’re on track for your retirement.

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If you have checked your pension, why not try to manage what you've got.

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