Life's money moments

Both unexpected and planned life events can have a big impact on our finances. This is where you can find information on how to keep your financial wellbeing in check, whatever your circumstances.



Family finances can be challenging as you often have to make complex decisions that don’t just affect you, but the whole family. If you’re starting a family, planning on getting married or you’re navigating difficult times such as redundancy or divorce, we have the information you need.

Having a baby

Getting married



Illness and bereavement

At such a difficult and distressing time, it can be hard to think clearly about practical matters. So we have guidance on claiming support, and ways of handling the estate of a family member or friend.


Buying, renting or moving home

Whether you’re trying to save up for your own place, or simply looking for tips on keeping the costs of renting under control, we’ve got some handy information and guidance to help you manage your finances.


Getting around

As the guidance on our safest ways to get from A to B continues to change and evolve, it’s a good time to consider all your travel options. More and more people are discovering the benefits of a socially-distanced cycle or stroll. While we can’t say what the future may hold, the government is investing heavily in improving cycling infrastructure – so here’s a few handy links that could help you figure out your best ways to get about.

Cycling or walking

Thinking about buying a car

Used cars