Small steps to feel good about your finances

Wherever you are on your journey to financial health, there is always something we can do to improve our financial wellbeing. Here are four key areas you can look at to start feeling good about your finances.

  • Carefully consider big purchases, such as a new car or sofa.
  • If you are someone who buys on a whim, try setting aside a specific amount in your monthly budget for impulse buys.
  • Prioritise the things that are important to you. Don't beat yourself up if you can't get to work without a car, or if you love your gym membership. Just find other ways to cut down.
  • Try something for a week to see what works for you such as making your own lunches.
  • Make a list of priorities and deal with your financial to-do list one step at a time.
  • Make savings manageable and automatic.
  • Ask for more information about your workplace pension.
  • Consider whether you need to increase what you're paying towards your retirement.
  • Aim to have an amount saved for emergencies. Advisers often suggest 3-6 month's salary.
  • Start putting away for long-term goals such as starting a family, getting married or the trip of a lifetime.
  • Double check your home insurance offers you the cover you really need.
  • Consider life or critical illness cover for you and your family so you're financially prepared should the worst happen.