5 top tips for growing your savings

Whether you have small goals or big plans, being prepared for the future can ease a lot of potential money worries.

Whatever you have set your sights on, here are our five easy ways to make saving that little bit simpler and get you one step closer to making your plans a reality.

Save regularly

Saving can become a habit - honestly! And even if you save a little often, it's OK to think small when it comes to saving. You'll quickly find that your savings soon add up, and it can be rewarding to see money growing into more money.

Switch from manual to automatic

By adding automatically to your savings each month, you won't have to remember to do it - and you won't be tempted to skip a month. An easy way to do this is to arrange a standing order from your bank account into your savings account.

Do it on pay day

The best time to put some money aside is just after you've been paid, that way you'll prioritise savings before spending.

Visualise your savings goal

It can help to stay on track if you keep in mind why you're saving. Pin a photo of that shiny new car to your fridge, or make it your screensaver.

Don't dip into your savings

Even if you keep paying in the same regular amount, as your savings account builds up it can grow faster - thanks to the interest you'll earn on your money.