Expert Sessions

From how COVID-19 could impact your pension to how to spot financial scams, our experts are here to answer your most commonly asked questions around pensions, life insurance and investments.

How has COVID-19 affected my pensions/investments?

If you have been checking your pension or investments you may have noticed a change in their value. Our Investments Expert Maria explains how COVID-19 may have impacted your pension and investments.

Can a claim be made on a life insurance policy due to COVID-19?

We know the spread of COVID-19 is worrying so it’s important to know that you’re covered if the worst was to happen. Our Life Insurance Expert Dave explains how you’ll be covered in our film.

How can I spot a pension scam?

Unfortunately scammers use situations like the COVID-19 pandemic to take advantage of people and undertake fraudulent activity. Watch our Pension Expert Andre explain the warning signs of a pension scam in our film.

Further expert sessions

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