In detail


  • With Protection for Life there's a monthly fee associated with each benefit, however if you take out more than one benefit we'll only charge the fee on one of them.
  • Once you have got your policy you can apply to change the following during the term of your policy:
    • The level of your cover (increases in sum assured may be subject to further underwriting)
    • The term of your cover (increases in term may be subject to further underwriting)
  • You receive access to Scottish Widows Care

How does the policy work

  • You pay an amount each month for the period you’ve chosen to be covered for
  • The cash sum that you’re covered for is known as the benefit amount
  • Your monthly payment is known as a premium
  • The period you’re covered for is known as the policy term
  • You choose the policy term at the start of the policy

Terminal illness cover included

A terminal illness:

  • is an illness that’s expected to cause death within 12 months. You need to tell us before the end of the policy term
  • results in the benefit amount being paid out on a valid claim
  • ends the policy if the benefit amount is paid out


  • You must be a UK resident (meaning England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland but not the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands)
  • You must have a UK bank account
  • Minimum age at start 18
  • Maximum age at start 79

Your commitment

  • To pay monthly premiums for this benefit by direct debit until the end of its term. Further details are provided in the quotation.
  • To answer all questions in the application honestly and fully. We may not pay any claim, have to amend the terms of your cover or at worst cancel your cover if you:
    • don’t answer the questions honestly
    • give us incomplete or misleading answers, or
    • do not advise us of a change in the information you provided in response to our questions prior to the date we have agreed the terms of your cover. We will have agreed the terms once we have your signed confirmation that all your application answers are true and complete and we have written to you after that confirming our terms.

Our claims history

No matter what benefits are included in your Protection for Life plan, making a claim on your plan should be as smooth and straightforward as possible. We'll give you a dedicated claims handler who will stay with you throughout your claim.

Life cover claims

We paid out £135.9 million in life cover claims in 2018 which is over £520,000 every working day.

Facts about life cover claims

The four main reasons for a life cover claim were:

  • Cancer
  • Heart related
  • Accident
  • Respiratory

Average age of life assured at claim stage was 58 years

Average term of policy at claim was 11.2 years

Source: Scottish Widows, based on the number of life cover claims paid out by Scottish Widows between January 2018 and December 2018.

Important information

The policy has no cash-in value at any time.

If you don’t pay your premiums on time your cover will stop, your benefit will end and you’ll get nothing back.

The policy will end if we pay out the benefit amount but if the benefit amount has not been paid out by the end of the selected term, the policy will end and you’ll get nothing back.

If the benefit is to cover a repayment mortgage, we will decrease the benefit amount each month assuming a fixed rate of interest of 10% a year. There may be insufficient funds to repay the loan if the interest rate on the mortgage exceeds 10% or the loan is increased or extended.

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