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Protection for Life: Lifetime Cover

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Lifetime Cover in detail


  • With Protection for Life there's a monthly fee associated with each benefit, however if you take out more than one benefit we'll only charge the fee on one of them.
  • Once you have got your policy you can apply to change the level of your cover (increases in sum assured may be subject to further underwriting).
  • You receive access to the Best Doctors service.

How does the policy work

  • Lifetime Cover is life insurance that lasts until you die.
  • You pay an amount each month until you reach age 90.
  • After age 90, your cover continues but you don’t pay any further premiums.
  • You can take the policy out on a single life basis or with two lives assured.
  • The cash sum you are covered for is called the benefit amount and it’s paid out when you die (single life basis), or if there are two people covered, when the last person dies.

Your commitment

  • To pay monthly premiums for this benefit by Direct Debit until you reach age 90.
  • To answer all questions in the application honestly and fully. We may not pay any claim, have to amend the terms of your cover or at worst cancel your cover if you:
    • don’t answer the questions honestly
    • give us incomplete or misleading answers, or
    • do not advise us of a change in the information you provided in response to our questions prior to the date we have agreed the terms of your cover. We will have agreed the terms once we have your signed confirmation that all your application answers are true and complete and we have written to you after that confirming our terms.

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Important notes

  • The policy has no cash-in value at any time.
  • If you don’t pay your premiums on time your cover will stop, your benefit will end and you’ll get nothing back.
  • The policy will end if we pay out the benefit amount.
  • You may pay more in premiums than the amount of cover you take out.

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