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For over 200 years our financial experts have guided people, through good times and bad. We believe that having a long-term view has never been more important. Whatever questions you have on pensions, life insurance or investments let us help.

Expert sessions

We’re answering the most topical questions about pensions, investments and life insurance in our ‘experts at home’ series.

How has Covid-19 affected my pension/investments?

If you have been checking your pension or investments you may have noticed a change in their value. Our Investments Expert Maria explains how Covid-19 may have impacted your pension and investments.

I’m on the job retention scheme/a furloughed worker – how does this affect my pension?

If you’re off work through the Governments Job Retention Scheme, you may be wondering how your pension is affected. Our Retirement Expert Robert explains what it could mean for you.

Can a claim be made on a life insurance policy due to Covid-19?

We know the spread of Covid-19 is worrying so it’s important to know that you’re covered if the worst was to happen. Our Life Insurance Expert Dave explains how you’ll be covered in our film.

How can I spot a pension scam?

Unfortunately scammers use situations like the coronavirus pandemic to take advantage of people and undertake fraudulent activity. Watch our Pension Expert Andre explain the warning signs of a pension scam in our film.

I’m worried about my investment value falling, what should I do?

If you’ve seen your pension and investments fall in value it can be tempting to sell your investments, but that could lock in your loss. Our Investment Expert Scott explains the options available to you.

I’m a frontline health worker, can I still get life insurance?

You protect us and we want to do the same for you. We’ve updated our processes to make sure frontline health workers still have access to life insurance. Our Life Insurance Expert Eric explains how to apply in our new film.

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Pension wellbeing guide

Our Pension Wellbeing guide can help you plan for the future you want. From the pension basics to practical support to make sure your plans are on track for retirement.

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Visit our coronavirus hub

If you have concerns about the impact of Covid-19 on your pension, life insurance or investments visit our Covid-19 hub for our latest expert guidance.

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We’re here to support you by answering some of the most commonly asked questions in relation to coronavirus.

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Pension Basics

Why does my pension rise and fall in value? How much should I be saving for the future? Our Pension Basics films help answer your top pension questions.

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Life insurance basics

Our short Life Insurance Basics films can help answer questions you have about Life insurance. From What is Life Insurance and Critical Illness cover? to How do I make a claim?

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Retirement explained

Whether you’ve just started putting money into your pension, or retirement is around the corner, our Retirement Explained site can help you take on the future you want.

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See what your pension can mean in pounds and pence. Our calculators can help you explore your pension options and show how a small increase now could make a big difference to your retirement.


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Our industry leading reports look at the latest retirement insights. They can help you see how you’re shaping up for retirement and share our recommendations.

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Helping women plan for the future

Women face a savings gap of £78k by the time they reach retirement. Visit our Your Future hub to see how we’re helping to close the gap.

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Investments update

Investment Director Iain McGowan provides an update on how coronavirus (Covid-19) could affect your investments in his blog.

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Protect yourself from pension scams

Our pensions expert Thomas Coughlan provides his top tips to help you spot a pension scam.

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It’s good to have a plan for your future. Read our latest articles and guides to help you plan the next steps towards retirement.


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If you still can’t find the information you need, these free resources can help you take on your finances and plan for the future.

If you need further personalised help an independent financial adviser can provide advice tailored to your circumstances. There is usually a charge for this. Visit Unbiased to find an adviser in your area.