Taking on your future together

Helping you take on tomorrow

Planning your future doesn’t have to be overwhelming. However much or little you know about your long-term finances, we’re here to help you every step of the way. Here you can find all the tools, guidance and support you need to take your next steps towards the future.


Taking on Your Future Together Tour

We're delighted to have sponsored Pension Awareness Day again this year helping the nation engage with their pensions. Our UK tour has drawn to a close but don't worry if you weren't able to join us we've got lots of exciting highlights to share with you.

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Future planning basics

Everything you need to know to get started

Pension Basics

Whether you’re starting to save or approaching retirement our series of Pension Basics films can help you plan for your future.

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Pension wellbeing guide

Our Pension Wellbeing guide is full of helpful and practical ways to start taking on your future, regardless of where you are in life.

From the pension basics to practical support helping you make sure your plans are on track to get the retirement you want.

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Life insurance basics

Life Insurance doesn’t have to be confusing or complicated. Our short Life Insurance Basics films can help you and your family decide what’s right for you, so you can take on your financial future.

You can also speak to our specialist team on 0345 608 0388

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Retirement explained

Whether you’ve just started putting money into your pension, or retirement is around the corner, our Retirement Explained site can help you take on the future you want.

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helping women plan for the future

We’ve partnered with Mumsnet to help women embrace their future planning.

Women face unique challenges when it comes to saving for retirement and we’re working with Mumsnet to help you embrace them.

We’ve also teamed up with lots of well known bloggers across the UK including UnMumsy Mum and Mother Pukka, to address the key issues affecting women and help you plan ahead.



Together with Mumsnet we’re passionate about helping you plan for your future. We’ve created a range of useful guides and resources to help, so whether you want to know more about pensions, or explore the challenges women face when saving, we’re here to help.

Future planning tools

Practical tools to put a plan in place

Retirement calculators

See what your pension can mean in pounds and pence. Our calculators can help you explore your pension options and show how a small increase now could make a big difference to your retirement.

Personality icons

your pension personality

Are you a mindful planner or a savvy saver?

Take 2 minutes to find out your pension personality and get tailored next steps to retirement.

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Insights and knowledge

Get a greater understanding of your future finances


Our industry leading reports look at the latest retirement insights. They can help you see how you’re shaping up for retirement and share our recommendations.

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Workplace pension contributions

If you’re enrolled into your workplace pension, your contributions could have increased in April 2019. Find out what it means for you and how a small increase now could make a big difference to your retirement.

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Articles and insights

It’s good to have a plan for your future. Read our latest articles and guides to help you plan the next steps towards retriement.


Independent help and guidance

If you still can’t find the information you need, these free resources can help you take on your finances and plan for the future.

If you need further personalised help an independent financial adviser can provide advice tailored to your circumstances. There is usually a charge for this. Visit Unbiased to find an adviser in your area.

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Contact our experienced in-house team who can support you with all your financial needs. Speak to our experts on 03457 678 910.