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The UK Tracker Fund ISA is no longer open to new investors. This product is only available for top-ups to existing plans. If you require help, please speak to our Scottish Widows customer services team on 0345 300 2244 (Monday–Friday 8am–6pm, Saturday 9am–12.30pm).

You can find the relevant fund and product information below. Please also refer to the frequently asked questions.

Each of our investment funds carry a risk of loss to capital value but have the potential for capital growth and/or income over the medium to long-term. They don’t have any guarantees and will fluctuate in capital value. The risks and growth potential are relatively lower for some funds, and relatively higher for other funds. It’s important to understand the specific risks associated with a fund, in order to determine whether it’s appropriate for your needs and circumstances. Details are provided in the literature below.

Each fund has a Synthetic Risk and Reward Indicator (SRRI) which is shown in the KIID. The calculation of the SRRI is based on how the share price has moved over the previous five years – known as the volatility of the share price.

We categorise investment periods as follows: Short-term: Up to 5 years, Medium-term: Between 5 and 10 years, Long-term: Over 10 years.

Transaction costs are incurred by our funds when the fund managers buy and sell investments. Please refer to this document for the transaction costs for your fund(s).


Single Asset – UK Equity Tracker

This fund invests in stocks/shares of companies in line with the market index they are aiming to track (e.g. the FTSE All Share Index).

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UK Tracker

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