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An OEIC is a collection of ‘sub-funds’ (referred to as ‘funds’ here) each with different investment aims. So one fund could specialise in corporate bonds, say, or in one particular country. Open Ended simply means that the fund can get larger or smaller, depending on the number of investors who wish to buy or sell shares.

When you invest in a Scottish Widows OEIC fund, you will be allocated a number of shares. You choose either to make a single payment or monthly payments. If you invest by single payment, you can choose either Income shares, where available, or Accumulation shares which only aim for growth. If you decide to invest monthly, only Accumulation shares are available.

You can read more about each of the individual funds by downloading the Key Investor Information Document(s) and Supplementary Investor Information Document relating to this investment. These may help you decide.

To apply for an OEIC you must be 18 years of age or over and resident in the UK at the date of application. Your financial adviser will be able to give you full details about who can apply. Because of changes in US legislation, if you are or become a US resident you won't be able to hold any shares in our OEICs. We'll write to you to advise you of your options and that we'll have to sell your shares unless you transfer your investment to another person who is a UK resident.

Although you can read about our OEIC funds here, you’ll need to consult a financial adviser if you would like to invest in one.

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