• Available on a single or joint life basis (with up to six lives assured)
  • Can be used with our trust plans as part of an estate planning solution
  • A degree of control over the point at which liability to tax arises, as you can choose when to take the benefits
  • Up to 5% of initial investment can be withdrawn each year tax deferred
  • Your Investment Bond is set up as a series of individual policy segments designed to give you maximum flexibility
  • The minimum number of policy segments is 100 which can be increased in multiples of 100 up to a maximum of 600
  • Self assessment friendly. As investment bonds are a non income producing asset, you don't need to report anything to HM Revenue and Customs until a chargeable event occurs (i.e. when all or part of the bond value is realised, for example on death or full or part surrender)
  • Set up regular or one off withdrawals

Investment options

  • You can invest in funds across all major asset classes (UK equities, overseas equities, commercial property, fixed interest securities and cash) in line with your objectives and risk profile
  • Fund switching (currently free). You can switch your investment between the available funds should your circumstances or risk profile change without giving rise to any personal tax liability


  • You can withdraw up to 7.5% each year of the amount invested in any individual policy

Key reading


  • The value of an investment is not guaranteed and can go down as well as up depending on investment performance (and currency exchange rates where a fund invests overseas). You could get back less than you invested
  • The range of investment funds that you can invest in carry different types and levels of risk
  • We may change the selection of funds that we make available and restrictions can apply
  • Taking withdrawals will reduce the value of your bond. Your withdrawals could be higher than any growth achieved
  • Tax treatment depends on your individual circumstances and may be subject to change in the future
  • Tax rules can change
  • Charges, limits and terms may change from time to time

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