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There are four types of ISA: stocks and shares, cash, innovative finance and lifetime. Each tax year the Government sets limits on the maximum you can invest into ISAs each tax year and these limits do change. The limits for the current tax year can be found at

No, but cash ISAs are offered by Scottish Widows Bank, Lloyds Bank, Halifax or Bank of Scotland.

To apply for a stocks and shares ISA you must be 18 years of age or over and resident in the United Kingdom for tax purposes. Crown employees and their spouses/civil partners who are not resident in the United Kingdom may qualify.

Because of changes in US legislation, if you are or become a US resident you won’t be able to hold any shares in our Stocks and Shares ISA. We’ll write to you to advise you of your options and that we’ll have to sell your shares unless you transfer your investment to another person who is a UK resident.

There are 13 funds available if you apply direct to us, which are listed below. If you would like details of other funds we have available, please speak to a Financial Adviser. We may change the selection of funds we have available at any time.

  • Adventurous Solution
  • Balanced Solution
  • Cautious Solution
  • Corporate Bond
  • Defensive Solution
  • Discovery Solution
  • Dynamic Solution
  • Environmental Investor
  • Ethical
  • Gilt
  • Global Growth
  • Strategic Solution
  • UK Tracker

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