Latest updates

4th July 2019

Trading suspension period complete

The trading suspension period has now finished and all future instructions will be processed as usual.

13th June 2019

Court approval

The High Court has approved the Transfer of the majority of Zurich’s remaining workplace pensions and savings business to Scottish Widows. The Transfer will take place on 1st July 2019.

13th June 2019

Trading suspension reminder

To enable the Transfer to take place we need to stop processing certain transactions for a short period of time. The trading suspension period will begin on Tuesday 25th June 2019 and is expected to continue until 9am on Wednesday 3rd July 2019, after the Transfer has completed. We won’t be able to process certain transactions, such as buying, selling, or switching funds, during this period.


If you’d like to make transactions through the website, please send them online to us by 3pm on 25th June so we can process them before the trading suspension period starts.

If you’d like to make transactions in any other way, for example over the phone, by email or through the post, we need to receive your instructions by 9.30am on 25th June so we can process them before the trading suspension period starts.

If you’re planning to transfer your fund to another provider or take your retirement benefits before the end of June 2019, please contact us now to discuss your options.

Any instructions received after the times listed above won’t be processed until after 9am on 3rd July 2019. If you are planning to carry out any transactions during the trading suspension period, please contact us on 0800 032 1260 (+44 1242 666271 if calling from overseas). Lines are open Monday to Friday 8am until 5.30pm. Please have your Plan number to hand if you do call to discuss your options.


We contacted you separately if you are due to receive a regular income payment, or are making payments to us by direct debit which are going to be affected by the trading suspension period.