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Critical Illness Conditions Covered

We will pay the full sum assured for 41 critical illness conditions and an additional payment for 8 additional conditions. The additional payment will not be taken from the main sum assured. The payments for the additional conditions will be equal to £25,000 or 25% of the sum assured, whichever is lower, and will not affect the main sum assured. If we pay out on an additional condition claim, we won’t pay any further claim for that additional condition in respect of the person covered, but they may still make a claim in relation to any of the other additional or full critical illness conditions.

If we pay out on a full critical illness condition the policy will end.

For full details of the conditions we cover please see the definitions section.

Children's Critical Illness Cover

Children’s Critical Illness Cover is automatically included with all of our Critical Illness Cover policies at no extra cost. It covers all natural, legally adopted or step children who are financially dependent on the person covered. We’ll pay out £25,000 or 50% of the main sum assured (whichever is lower) if the child is diagnosed with one of the illnesses in our list of definitions and is covered under the policy after birth and before 22 years. We also cover 5 specific children’s conditions. Cover excludes terminal illness, additional conditions and Total Permanent Disability. Any payments made under Children’s Critical Illness Cover will not impact on the main cover.

For full details regarding our Children’s Critical Illness Cover please see our Key Features.

Children's Life Cover

Children’s Life Cover is automatically included with all of our Critical Illness Cover policies at no extra cost. A one-off payment of £5,000 will be paid in the event of the death of a child (a natural, legally adopted, or step-child who is financially dependent on the person covered and is aged between 30 days and 22 years). 


Free Mortgage Cover

Free Mortgage Cover is automatically included for new mortgages only and starts from the date we receive your client’s fully completed application form and direct debit instruction and the applicant has exchanged contracts (concluded missives in Scotland).

Free Mortgage Cover continues until the earlier of:

    • The declining or postponement date of the application
    • Your mortgage and policy starting
    • The date a claim is made
    • 90 days after the start of Free Mortgage Cover

In the event of a claim we will pay the sum assured applied for up to a maximum of £500,000 for critical illness. The claim received must meet the claims criteria for one of our specified Critical Illnesses.

For full details regarding Free Mortgage Cover, including eligibility and exclusions please see our leaflet.

Guaranteed Insurability Option (GIO)

This option allows your client to increase the sum assured in certain circumstances without further underwriting provided the original cover was issued on our standard terms. Your client can use their Guaranteed Insurability Option when any of the following events occur:

  • Marriage/Civil Partnership
  • Divorce/Dissolution of a civil partnership
  • Birth of a child, adoption or becoming a legal guardian for a child
  • Mortgage increase
  • Promotion or salary increase

For full details regarding Guaranteed Insurability Options including eligibility, restrictions and limits please see our Policy Provisions.

Replacement Cover

Replacement Cover is automatically included on all Critical Illness Cover polices set up on a joint life basis. In the event of a claim this option allows the life who has not claimed to take out a new single life policy for the remaining term of their original policy without the need for further underwriting.

When exercising this option, your client must apply for the policy within 3 months from the date we paid the claim. The original terms and conditions will apply to the new policy, the only difference will be the premiums – they’ll be based on the rates, life assured's age and the remaining policy term at the time the replacement policy is taken out.

Premium Protection

Premium Protection protects your client’s policy premiums so that they are paid if they suffer an illness, disability or accident which leaves them unable to work. This option can only be added at the time the policy is taken out at an extra cost. It can be removed at any time but can’t be added in again once it has been removed.

The minimum age when cover starts is 18, the maximum age that cover starts is 60.

In the event of a claim we will start to pay the premiums for the policy holder after 26 weeks and continue to pay the premiums until the policy holder returns to work, reaches age 70, or the policy ends, whichever is sooner.

Cover will end 26 weeks before the policy holder’s 70th birthday (if payments are already being made as part of a claim these will continue to be made until the 70th birthday). For Joint Life cases Premium Protection can be selected for one or both lives (cover stops for both lives when the older person reaches age 70).

For full details regarding Premium Protection please see our Policy Provisions.

Scottish Widows Care

Our plans offer your clients a range of support services as well as the financial peace of mind that protection insurance gives. We work with an independent care organisation, RedArc, to give your clients and their families the practical advice and emotional support they’ll need through difficult and traumatic times in their lives.

For more information please see our Care section.

Flexibility & Portability

Our protection policies are flexible and can be adapted at any time during the policy term. This flexibility means your clients can apply to make changes to their cover as their protection needs change without having to cancel the existing cover first.

Our protection policies are also portable. Where two people have policies within the same plan, they have the option to split the plan and move policies into a new plan should they wish (for example, in the event of divorce or separation).

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