Back Office Systems

We understand that a variety of technology components are used throughout the sales and customer servicing lifecycle and that the Back Office System often plays a key role within intermediary firms.

Rather than mandate the exclusive use of Scottish Widows’ technology platforms, a key principle underpinning our eCommerce proposition is the delivery of efficiencies through close business partnerships and technical integrations with key software suppliers to the intermediary market.

We provide two main integration services to Back Office Systems, Remuneration and Valuations.


Valuations (Contract Enquiry)

  • A single data feed (irrespective of product manufacturer heritage) that provides intermediaries with client and policy data for Scottish Widows policies.
  • Authentication and access to client data controlled by individual Unipass digital certificates
  • A detailed breakdown of Retirement Account assets, including full asset breakdowns for Control Accounts, Fund Supermarkets, Sharedealing, Commercial Property and Discretionary Fund Managers that supports intermediaries in managing their customers with RA portfolios more effectively.
  • Improved speed to market and agility of Scottish Widows’ integration capability provides a greater responsiveness to the anticipated growth in demand for data integrations from the intermediary market.
  • Supports those intermediaries wishing to provide a direct to consumer, self-serve proposition via back office system ‘Client Portals’ subject to appropriate data protection controls being in place.

We currently offer a Contract Enquiry valuation service with the following back office system providers:



Our remuneration messaging service provides details of remuneration payments made, enabling an efficient and effective reconciliation process.

Find out more about our electronic remuneration messaging service.


Which Back Office Systems do Scottish Widows link to?

Scottish Widows supports integrations with the majority of the leading intermediary Back Office Systems, full details of all our back office system integrations can be found in the eServices Matrix on Adviserwise.


How to choose the right Back Office System

Before investing in a Back Office System it is important to

  • Understand your business processes
  • Know how data and information flows around your organisation

More detailed advice on selecting a Back Office System can be found at Adviserwise.


How do I get Scottish Widows valuations via my Back Office System?

1. Check the list of Back Office Systems we currently link to.

2. Register for Scottish Widows eServices. The easiest way to register is with a Unipass Digital Certificate.

3. Once registered, you need to put your registration details into your Back Office System. Speak to your back office system support team about how you do this and how to set up contract enquiry. 

Need more information?

Find out more about how to use our eServices and how they can introduce efficiencies to your business at our eServices learning centre.

Feel free to speak to your Scottish Widows Account Manager. We're committed to ensuring you are getting the most out of our eServices.

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