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Our expert blogs bring to life how your pension is invested, what can influence its performance and the latest investment news, direct from our investment specialists.

Q2 2023 Market Update

Investments team, July 2023

Our investment experts look at how shares, bonds, and property performed in Q2 2023, and what could impact them looking ahead.

Q1 2023 Market Update

Our investment experts look at how shares, bonds, and property performed in Q1 2023, and what could impact them looking ahead.

What 2023 could mean for your investments

Investments team, February 2023

We look ahead to what 2023 could mean for investors.

January 2023 Market Update

Our investment experts look at how shares, bonds, and property performed in Q4 2022, and what could impact them looking ahead.

Biodiversity in the spotlight – the outcomes of COP15

What COP15 and biodiversity mean for investors.

What happened at COP27 and why it matters?

Investments team, December 2022

We look at what happened at this year’s COP27 climate conference, and why it matters.

What causes currency falls and what do they mean?

Investments team, November 2022

We think about the factors that can affect the value of a currency and what that can mean for investors.

Is 'just zero' the new net zero?

Investments team, September 2022

Acting on climate change is more important than ever, but it needs to happen in a way that’s fair or just for everyone.

Why megatrends matter

Investments team, August 2022

What makes a trend mega? What are megatrends? And how can they affect investments now and in the future?

Energy price rises and your investments

Investments team, August 2022

As energy prices continue to rise, we look at how this can affect investments.

Central banks, interest rates and inflation

Investments team, July 2022

Our investments experts look at the role of central banks like the Bank of England in managing rising prices through interest rates.

What is stagflation?

Investments team, July 2022

Stagflation is a mixture of the words ‘stagnation’ and ‘inflation’ but what does this mean for investments and is it coming our way?

Why supply chains really matter

Investments team, June 2022

Over the past few years, supply chains have been disrupted as goods have been held up. Why is this and what does it mean for investors?

Why investing is a long-term plan

Iain McGowan, Investment Director

If you see a drop in your pension, don’t panic. Read our blog post and learn about why it’s normal to see fluctuations in your pension value.

Why do we exclude companies from our investments?

Investments team, March 2022

The exclusion policy is part of our Responsible Investment Framework. We think it’s in the best interest of our customers, and helps us protect their savings from the future risks.

What You Need to Know About COP26

Investments team, October 2021

With COP26 leading the news agenda our investments expert explain what it is and how it could have an impact on your pension.

Responsible investing and the E of ESG

Dr Stephen Porter- Responsible Investment Lead, Scottish Widows, October 2021

The environment is a key factor of ESG and our investment team explore how investments can help the environment and look at our approach.

Our investment experts look at how shares, bonds, and property performed from July to September 2021, and what could impact them looking ahead.

Let’s look at how shares, bonds, and property performed from June 2020 to June 2021, and what could affect them looking ahead.

When investing pays dividends

Investments team, June 2021

Investing in stock markets isn’t all about the price of shares – there is another benefit and that is the dividends paid by companies to you as a shareholder.

So, what is net zero?

Investments team, 18 June 2021

If you’ve had half an eye on the investment world recently, you might have seen the phrase ‘net zero’ around a lot, but what does it mean?

Responsible investing: what is “stewardship”?

Investments team, 16 June 2021

Stewardship is a word that means taking care of something. It’s overseeing something on behalf of someone else, and acting in a way that keeps the true owner’s best interests at heart.

What is the stock market and how does investing in it work?

Investments team, 16 June 2021

‘The stock market’ is something you’ve probably heard of and might even have seen in Hollywood blockbusters like The Wolf of Wall Street. But do you know what it’s all about?

Getting started with investing

Investments team, 15 June 2021

We look at what you need to know before you start, and how you can take that first step into investing.

Investing in cryptocurrencies?

Investments team, 24 May 2021

The rise of cryptocurrencies can sound tempting when investing, but is it the best place to put your savings? Our investments team give us their view on the new economy.