Our Investment Solutions

We offer a wide range of investment choices for you to select from including ready-made and fully-governed solutions through to highly bespoke options. This means we can support your employees who want a completely managed solution or those who prefer a hands-on approach.

We aim to:

  • make it easy for employees to make investment choices
  • review and test our investment risk and reward regularly
  • offer expert investment management at value for money
  • help your employees prepare for the type of retirement outcome they want
  • provide an investment proposition that offers flexibility and choice.

Investment options available

Our lifestyling options have been designed to be used as default investment options, and they all support pension freedoms by offering pathways to Flexible Access, Annuity and Cash.

Our default Pension Investment Approaches have a long track record as robust and reliable lifestyling options. Your employees can elect to stay in the default option or choose to move into a different lifestyling option. For those employees who prefer greater choice and flexibility we offer a large selection of internally and externally managed funds from a range of fund managers. These funds have no lifestyling, so employees need to be comfortable about managing their own levels of risk.

If you choose not to offer your employees one of our lifestyling options as the default investment option, some of our products allow you to create your own default investment solution. This would require you or your adviser to assume the responsibility for the ongoing suitability of your chosen default option and the investment range offered.

We can also offer scheme specific and blended fund solutions within some of our product solutions.

For more details and information about the investment solutions available, please contact us.

Responsible Investment

Our Six Principles of Responsible Investment and Stewardship Commitments guide our decisions on asset allocation, manager selection, fund research, and engagement activity.

Find out more about our Responsible Investment and Stewardship Framework.

Integrating ESG considerations into our default pension solution

We’re embracing responsible investment practices in our aim to deliver good investment outcomes for customers. This allows us to manage environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks and returns in a more effective way in the funds we offer.

We’re investing where we can in companies we believe are making a difference on ESG grounds, and working with other companies we invest in to help them evolve into more sustainable businesses. We’re also excluding companies which we believe pose too much of an investment risk due to the nature of their businesses.

Find out more in our guide

Read about the BlackRock ACS Climate Transition World Equity Fund (PDF, 2MB).

ESG – what resonates with pension investors (PDF, 1MB).

Enhancements to our Strategic Asset Allocation

As part of our ongoing robust governance process, we regularly review and adapt our pension default investment options as the market environment and our longer-term outlook changes, and as we see new investment opportunities for members.

Following on from the significant changes of the previous review, we are making a number of adjustments in this optimisation cycle to further adapt the funds.

The changes include:

  • Further steps towards a greater application of Environmental, Social and Governance factors within the PIAs by increasing the allocation to the BlackRock Climate Transition World Equity Fund from 10% to 20% of the equities allocation. This will be funded through a reduction in the developed market regional equity allocation on a pro-rata basis.
  • Extending the currency hedge to cover the US-dollar-denominated emerging market government debt assets.

Read our 2021 PIA Review for further details (PDF, 1MB).

Support for your employees

Investments explained

We recognise that for many, the investment element of pensions can seem both confusing and complex, so we've created a series of four short films for you to share with your employees.

The films cover the following investment related topics:

Helping your employees through market volatility and investor uncertainty

It’s normal for the value of a pension to go up and down over the short term. This is because pensions are likely to be invested in company shares and other stock market investments that also carry risk. These tend to go through periods of upwards and downwards price movements, including sudden changes over the short term, known as volatility. To support your employees during turbulent investment periods, we’ve developed three films focussing on the following subjects:

You can share our dedicated stock market fluctuations page with your employees where they can view these films and learn more about stock market volatility.

For employer use only.